Liquidity index: the FIGC appeals to the TAR, the Serie A league is not there.  Decision on 21 June

“A choice that demonstrates total indifference and that contradicts what the FIGC said” claims the League in a statement

Decision on 21 June. The Lazio TAR has set the collegial hearing that will intervene on the famous story of the liquidity index eligible to be enrolled in the championship. It was the Football Federation in the last few hours that turned to administrative justice after the College of Guarantee, the last degree of sports justice, had “partially canceled” the federal resolution challenged by the Serie A league on the threshold to be respected in the relationship between current assets and liabilities . On that occasion, next Tuesday, the TAR could intervene directly on the merits or grant a suspension.


The date of 21 June falls 24 hours before the deadline for the clubs to submit their latest documentation (midnight on 22 June). As it turns out, Covisoc’s examination would have highlighted only one case of non-compliance with the index, that of Lazio, which should have compensated for the imbalance of the index with two million euros. The decision of the TAR to adhere to the request for shortening terms formulated by the Football Association, could force Lotito to intervene in any case to avoid finding himself with a few hours to settle the accounts.


In the morning the undersecretary for sport Valentina Vezzali also intervened on the matter: “I will not enter into the merits of the matter, I think that this disagreement between the FIGC and the Serie A league must be resolved as soon as possible – said the former multi-Olympic foil player – I am convinced that the justice will run its course “.


However, the atmosphere between the Lega and the FIGC continues to be very tense. A little while ago, Lega Serie A released a note in which it said it was “very surprised by the choice of the FIGC to appeal to the TAR against the decision of the highest sports justice body regarding the national licensing system. A choice that demonstrates total indifference. against the invitation from Coni and the Government (as well as from Lega Serie A itself) to sit down at a table and find a shared solution, but which also contradicts what the FIGC itself had held up to yesterday, i.e. not to appeal against a device without waiting for the decision with the related reasons. Evidently feeding a climate of litigation to the detriment of dialogue is considered more important, moreover in a phase in which, it is clear to everyone, very other priorities would be on which to concentrate all together to ensure a sustainable future for Italian football and, in particular, for our national teams “.

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