Lazio-Muriqi, troubled history: Mallorca is now asking for a discount to redeem it

From top purchase to redundancy: the Kosovar striker has relaunched in Spain and the biancocelesti were hoping for the 12 million of his sale to make a treasure. Plans get complicated

A tormented story between Lazio and Vedat Muriqi. Even near the end credits. Indeed, it is the ending, even if desired by both sides, that fails to take shape. Between hitches and overlapping problems. The redemption of the 28-year-old Kosovar striker by Mallorca is always pending. In the Liga Muriqi returned to feeling like a goalscorer with 5 goals scored in 15 appearances. In the 12 games (206 minutes in Serie A and 71 in the Italian Cup) in which he had been used by Lazio until January he was dry. The transfer to Mallorca on loan as a chance to restart with the option of being redeemed for a dozen million. The Spanish team has achieved salvation and therefore has included Muriqi in the plans of its future. With the approval of the striker who at the end of the season also asserted himself with the national team: four full-time appearances, with a brace against Northern Ireland, in the Nations League.


Mallorca wants to keep Muriqi but not paying the 12 million set in January. He asked for a discount or rather a review of those sums. Lazio would not want to drop below 10 million to avoid a significant loss. In the meantime, Galatasaray would appear with an offer of 16 million which so far has not found any confirmation. If there are no developments, Muriqi should return to Lazio at the deadline of 30 June. A scenario proposed by the player himself without any enthusiasm. Buying him weighed heavily. In various sectors except in the field. Two years ago, the “Pirate” arrived from Fenerbahce for about 20 million. Top purchase in view of the Champions League. But also to give a tower in attack to the team coached by Simone Inzaghi. Between injuries, Covid and above all problems of tactical insertion Muriqi was the stunt double of the expected bomber. Just 2 goals (one in Serie A and the other in the Italian Cup, both against Atalanta) in 34 appearances last season. Lazio had tried to recover it under the leadership of Sarri. Failed attempt. Now Lazio are trying to at least recover a good part of the sum spent two summers ago. Mallorca is coming down in its offer. The ten million assumed by Lazio do not seem feasible at the moment. And the operation itself hangs in the balance. From the sale of Muriqi it was expected to be able to create a treasure trove for the market. No other obstacles were foreseen in a story that never ceases to be tormented. Especially for Lazio who are now chasing new ways to make money with Muriqi.

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