Latasa stays in Madrid

Juanmi Latasa already knows that Real Madrid has no intention of any operation. The leaders of the white team have informed the player’s agent, Juanma Lopezwho has stopped by the Valdebebas offices on Wednesday morning to clear up doubts about Castilla’s top scorer.

As Latasa plays, the ‘9’ who knocks on Real Madrid’s door

The center forward has all the ballots to be one more of the white team’s first team or at least to be present in training and be able to help a lot to the team led by Carlo Ancelotti. The Italian believes that Latasa can have his share of the leading role in the many challenges and competitions that the real Madrid has ahead of him from July 8.

At the moment what seems clear is that Real Madrid is not going to look for a replacement for Benzema in the market and that looking at what is at home has become the first option. The Frenchman is the reference and if a problem arises, they would go to the winter market, but for now it seems that no reinforcement will arrive for that position.

One more resource in attack for Ancelotti

Ancelotti knows it and assumes it and although he would like to reach another center forwardhe is already thinking about how to make up for that possible absence with what the first team has plus the help of Rate. The white youth squad had offers from various teams First division and foreign leagues. Rayo has been the one that has shown the most interest, but you already know that right now the center forward continue in the discipline of Real Madrid.

The next step to resolve for the future of Latasa is to adapt the contract to its new situation. The player’s growth in recent seasons is beyond doubt. Since he played in youth C under the guidance of Manu Fernndez, at last two seasons with Ral González at Castillaespecially the last one, where he turned his back on physical problems and confirmed everything that was expected of his game.

13 goals with Castilla

weigh height and corpulence, Latasa is not the typical center forward allergic to playing with the ball at his feet. He knows what to do when he doesn’t have his power and also his movements allow the arrival of the midfielders. In the season ended has scored 13 goals becoming the starting center forward for Castilla.

Mariano, Borja Mayoral and Jovic are the other three center forwards who currently have a valid contract with the real Madrid. While the Serbian seems clear that he will end up accepting some of the offers that are coming his way, the other two, homegrown players like Ratethey have not cleared up all the unknowns that surround their future

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