Kamil Syprzak extends to PSG: "In Paris, I feel at home"

Paris-SG on Wednesday formalized the two-year extension of the contract of its Polish pivot Kamil Syprzak, who arrived at the club in 2019. The colossus of Plock (2.06 m, 31 years old), third top scorer in the Champions League ( 86 goals in 17 matches), is now engaged in the capital until 2025.

“What does this extension represent in your eyes?
It means a lot. In the past, I never imagined that I could play in a big club like Paris-Saint-Germain, with great players like the Karabatic brothers, Mikkel Hansen, etc. I could name the entire workforce. But I gave it my all every day and I think the club appreciated it.

You will therefore stay even longer in Paris than in Barcelona (2015-2019).
The duration doesn’t matter. The most important thing is the job I do with the team. And I feel good here, I feel a lot of confidence around me. Lots of support from the club, management, sponsors and, most importantly, the coach and the players. I feel really useful to the team, I know my role very well. It’s a great feeling to be part of such a big team. The slogan “Paris is magic”, for me, it really is like that. I like the way we work, the contact with the most senior people in the club, as if we were a small family. Honestly, I feel at home here. Financially, I may have had better options, but that’s not the most important thing for me. I want to grow as a player and I want to spend the best years of my career here because I feel this is where I belong. And in life here, there is everything to feel good: fashion, the beauty of the city, culture, good restaurants.

“There is so much quality in this team that sometimes you just have to reach out and you get the ball”

On a personal level, do you consider this to be your best season?
It’s one of the best. But I think I can do much better. There are still a lot of things I can work on. I especially want to emphasize that all of this is thanks to my teammates, because they have confidence in me. To score, I must first receive the ball from them. In a way, it’s not hard to be a pivot in a team like Paris. Because there is so much quality that sometimes you just have to reach out and you get the ball, without doing anything. We have found a good balance, our system works very well. We are happy at the pivot to not just have to make blocks to create space, but also to receive passes and score because it is still the most beautiful thing, to score and celebrate with the supporters .

“That’s one of the key reasons why I’m staying here: I want to win the Champions League with this club”

You are taking the opposite path to many major players who are leaving the club this summer (Hansen, Remili, Gérard, Kounkoud in particular). No worries ?
It’s sad of course, but no, don’t worry. I have full confidence in the team. New guys are coming and the goals don’t change: winning all the possible trophies, especially the most important one, it would be nice to finally win the Champions League.

Especially since personally, you have never won it.
And that really pisses me off. I’ve been to the Final Four five or six times and I’ve never played the final, it’s very frustrating. This is one of the key reasons why I stay here: I want to win the Champions League with this club. »

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