Juve and long waits: from midfielders to Di Maria, here's who slows down the market

Longed-for answers that do not arrive, suspended situations, assessments in the balance. But the rally is approaching and time is running out. Zoom in on all stalled cases

Livia Taglioli

Vacation time for the players but also time for the club to go on the market, because the day of the meeting is approaching for all the teams, Juve included. And obviously it is in the company’s interest to deliver Allegri a squad as “turnkey” as possible, that is, complete and ready to open the new season chapter. The famous amalgam, on a technical level and beyond, has dates out of phase with respect to the championship calendar, and being a fundamental component for the team the sooner Allegri will be able to work on it the better it will be for Juve.

The suspended

With equal and opposite strength, however, the market has its own ways and times, and therefore many situations – official and unofficial negotiations – are stalled, or studied, or evaluated, and therefore in practice the summer Juventus market is still to zero point. Also because any plans B or second-tier deals can only be triggered when the club will have visibility on the actual priority entrances or exits, in a chain effect that is currently blocked. But who or what is delaying the Juve market? Here is a zoom, case by case. Assuming Pogba, even if in reality the signature is not yet there.

Of Maria

The one chosen for a trident in Vlahovic’s service does not dissolve his reservations: Juve woos him, tried with an ultimatum, went to meet him in the offer, looking for compromise solutions that would protect those interests of the club but would satisfy as much as possible the ‘Argentine. But “El Fideo” has not yet decided to utter the fateful yes, and therefore Juve is still hanging on to the decisions of the free parameter ex PSG. Until? It is not known, he is now on vacation and the entourage is not in a hurry to conclude the agreement, perhaps waiting for any other offers.


For the Spaniard Juve and Atletico Madrid are also looking for creative solutions in order to reach a happy conclusion of the agreement. The goal is in fact shared by the two clubs, who agree to extend the attacker’s stay in Turin, a solution that would also satisfy Morata himself. The still high budget cost for Atletico (28 million) and the old redemption agreement set at 35 million on which Juventus let the deadline pass without exercising the option complicate matters. The study phase continues, after the rejection of the idea of ​​an exchange with Kean and the hypothesis of a renewal prelude to a new loan.

Kean and Pellegrini

The class of 2000 and the class of ’99 could leave Juve, after a disappointing year for the first and a good year for the second, but both are motivated to change shirts, albeit for opposite reasons. With the striker who, however, must not turn into a loss, and who has a contract situation complicated by a loan that is added to a redemption obligation in favor of Everton. However, these are two evolving situations, and which in both cases would lead to “holes” to make up for in the squad.


The Welshman with a zero parameter but with an (now) astronomical salary (7 million) is no longer part of the next technical project, the Brazilian has asked for a change of scenery to play more and Juve would gladly satisfy him, as long as he can find a square. at an economic level (in the exchange with Pjanic it was valued 72 million): for both the World-wide perspective could be a good incentive to find alternative solutions, even if neither of them seems to have received interesting requests so far.

De Ligt

The Dutchman sways between the investiture of team leader in the event of an unmissable offer. In the meantime, the manager Pimenta is negotiating with Juve to define the extension of her contract, with relative lowering of the termination clause which in the end will actually set the amount to which the player can be sold. Work in progress therefore, which leaves De Ligt’s speech pending, even if it is unlikely that the defense will be further unguarded after Chiellini’s farewell and a left wing still to be defined. In addition to Pellegrini’s position mentioned separately, there is in fact also an Alex Sandro in the balance: giving him Juve would not just lighten the amount of wages, but the chances of changing team for the Brazilian seem to now be reduced to minimum.

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