Juve, all done for Pogba.  Allegri awaits him at the July rally

The Frenchman will introduce himself to fans early next month. The contractual aspect has also been defined: salary of 10 million a year

Another couple of weeks of waiting. But without worries, without fears of twists: fifteen days to let go with serenity. Juventus and Paul Pogba waited six years to meet again, looking at each other from afar, missing each other, flirting. They can wait until the beginning of July, when the whole package will arrive in one fell swoop: announcement, medical examinations, signature, crowd bath, first training sessions at the start of the new season.

All defined

The “Pogback” is no longer a possibility, but a program that has a development, if not certain, well defined: Paul is still in Miami these days, where he is spending some very sporting holidays (the Nba matches as long as the Heat were running in the playoffs, lots of solo training), but also ‘Juventus’ (meetings with Matuidi and … Dybala) and work (several appointments with sponsors). He made his decision some time ago, and in recent weeks it has never been questioned, despite the rumors about an insertion of the PSG. Pogba wanted and wants Juve, but in recent weeks the last variable has also been defined, linked to the duration of the contract. The Octopus will sign a four-year contract, a long relationship that will lead him to Juventus up to 33 years: the extra season compared to the original project is the result of a common will (of the club and the player, represented by agent Rafaela Pimenta) to put the French not only in the center of the field, but also of a long-term project. Pogba wants to be the leader of the new cycle, a role that at Manchester United has never really managed to take.


The economic agreement had already been found, on the basis of a fixed contract of 8 million net plus bonuses for at least another 2, capable of bringing it to 10 net. A salary which, however, will weigh ‘only’ 15 gross for the club, thanks to the Growth Decree. The last situation to be defined in detail is related to commissions, also known as ‘signature bonuses’. But these are not the ones to postpone the announcement: considering that Pogba still has a contract with Manchester United until 30 June, the parties in question have chosen to ‘do everything together’, when Pogba will be ready to really return to Turin. On the one hand, the Frenchman’s holidays are preserved, on the other hand all costs are placed, even those immediately upon signing, in the new sporting season and therefore in the next budget.


But above all, with the total agreement, no one has particular reasons to forge ahead: Paul will show up in Turin at the beginning of July, when Juve will find themselves in retreat (presumably on the 4th, although perhaps without many national teams) and when he will be able to place himself at the heart of his new team. His actual role on the pitch will be the subject of study and discussions later, with Allegri having to decide whether to use him from the left midfielder, with Locatelli in the center, or as a director, with Locatelli and Zakaria on the sides. His role off the pitch, on the other hand, is already clear: with his over 50 million followers only on Instagram, with a documentary on his life coming out for Prime Video, Pogba will be the man-image of the bianconeri. For this reason too, the club is preparing a presentation in grand style, which the fans hope will also ‘obscure’ that of Dybala at Inter. The first arrival of the French in Turin in 2012 was silent, he was a kid: then he was single and he took home near the Olympic stadium, now he will return with his wife and two children. He is looking for a house between the city center and the hills and has already made contact with his companions left over from his previous adventure. All the approach steps have been taken: only the big landing is missing.

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