Hamraoui, an “unsustainable scene”

Remained silent since the terrible attack of which she was the victim last November, Kheira Hamraoui gave herself up in the columns of L’Equipe.

Kheira Hamraoui lived a real nightmare. In the first place, obviously on the evening of November 4, 2021 when, on returning from an evening organized by PSG, she was the victim of a very violent attack while she was in the company of Aminata Diallo. But if she was quickly able to heal her wounds, getting away without too much physical damage in view of the outburst of her attackers, the psychological consequences were much more terrible. The fault this time unpacking around his private life. Revelations that did not encourage her to come out of the silence in which she walled herself. As well as the tense relations she has with some of her Parisian teammates.

Unheard-of violence

Seven months after the fact, the midfielder comes out of this silence in the columns of The Team. The opportunity for the Northerner to tell the story of the attack. “I experienced an attack of incredible violence,” she says. Two hooded strangers took me out of the car I was in to beat me in the legs with iron bars. That night, I really thought I was going to stay there… I was screaming in pain. I tried to protect myself as much as possible. This scene, for me, lasted five minutes. It was unbearable. I keep a very painful memory, very heavy. »

Why me

And the former Barcelonan struggles all the more to turn the page as the mystery still surrounds this aggression. “I led a peaceful life as a professional sportswoman before this attack, shared between my family, my friends and football. Today, I mainly feel injustice, anger but also sadness. I should never have experienced such a situation. Many questions torment me: why me? Why so much violence against me? I need the truth to come out to appease me”she explains.

Caught in a storm

The tricolor international, who was not selected by Corinne Deacon for the Euro, also spoke of the hurricane that was unleashed after this attack and the revelations around her private life. “It was double jeopardy for me. Fresh out of a traumatic episode, I felt the weight of the media machine kick in, I was caught in a storm, non-stop, it never stopped.” she says, very bitter about this “smear campaign” of which she was the object.

A real ambush

Kheira Hamraoui is more evasive when it comes to Aminata Diallo, her teammate, whom she did not hesitate to incriminate, which earned the Grenoble woman a police custody from which she was released without any charge. detention. “How could they be so well informed? »she wonders nevertheless, saying she is the victim of a “real ambush”. However, she remains confident for the future. “I have complete confidence in the judiciary. I have been heard several times. The investigation evolves. I need this to materialize in order to move forward in my personal reconstruction. I am calm and patient. The truth will eventually come out”she assures.

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