F1 Nikita Mazepin: "Mick Schumacher? The results speak for themselves"

The Russian former Haas F1 criticizes the former teammate: “There is nothing more to add about his performance. I would have expected at least a message from someone, I would have done it, but nothing”

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The anger at having suddenly said goodbye to F1, the desire to return, the accusations against colleagues, especially Mick Schumacher: so Nikita Mazepin is back to let off steam in the Russian magazine Championat. “Mick? His results speak for themselves, there is nothing else to add – he says – I’m not surprised by Magnussen, but by the Haas team yes, I know what efforts we made together last year and I didn’t expect him to go so fast in season, he is stronger than other teams ”.

the dismissal of mazepin

After his departure, no message of closeness arrived from the Haas: “Everyone judges for themselves – he continues – If for some reason a mechanic with whom I have worked closely was fired, I would send him at least one message, regardless of my attitude in his comparisons. But nobody showed up with me “. Mazepin continues: “I don’t want to complain. I have a wonderful family, 23 years old and I hope my sports career is still far from ending. I think this is just a break. Meanwhile, the people of my Foundation give me that completeness that I have never had even in my sport “.

I want the f1 back

Without hiding, Mazepin reiterates that the goal remains to return to F1: “If at the end of February they had asked Magnussen ‘Would you like to go back to racing in a week?’, He would have surely answered ‘no’ – adds the Russian to Championat – Anything is possible, Kevin has shown that he has remained in excellent physical shape despite his distance from F1 and I intend to do exactly the same ”. And again: “I am training even better: I am gaining mass, I run faster, which I was unable to do before, so much so that I arrived at racing in a non-optimal way – he adds – In three months I have done more exercises than in recent years. , I would be able to drive tomorrow too. If the opportunity arises, I would be ready ”.

mazepin’s projects

From 6 to 16 July, Mazepin will be behind the wheel in the Silk Way Rally, a Russian Dakar-style competition that crosses the country. “I can’t wait, right now I’m preparing with a great rider like Sergey Karyakin. If in 20 years I will certainly do something else, today I feel like a Formula 1 driver and I have no intention of becoming a rally driver – he clarifies – The future program? Hard to say now, four months ago no one would have imagined that things would change that much, and I don’t see any changes for the better in the next four months. In any case, I hope so “.

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