F1, James Hunt died 29 years ago: the memory of his son among women, cocaine and triumphs

The profile of the 1976 world champion, who passed away on June 15, 1993, in the words of his son Freddie: “He smoked, drank and was a womanizer: before the GP of the title, at Fuji he had sex with 35 hostesses, but he was professional and meticulous. They are. proud that people remember his adventures “

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29 years have passed since the death of F1’s most unconventional driver. It was June 15, 1993, when James Hunt died of a heart attack at his home in Wimbledon, London, the day after he asked his latest girlfriend: Helen Dyson, a young waitress at a restaurant near his home, for a hand. . The legendary battle against Niki Lauda and Ferrari earned him the world title in 1976, aboard the Ford-powered McLaren M23, but Hunt was also remembered for his vices, such as drugs and the many women he had in his life. A real ‘tombeur de femmes’, whose adventures were partly told in 2016 by his son Freddie, in two interviews granted to Mirror and al Timeswhich we want to remember.

the 35 hostesses before the fuji

Freddie, who will race the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2026 to pay homage to dad James’ 50th anniversary of F1 triumph, spoke of the legend that wants his dad ended up in bed with 35 flight attendants at the Hilton Tokyo hotel, just a few days away. before the decisive Japanese GP of Fuji which will give him the world title: “There were witnesses, and a new escort of hostesses – tells the 34-year-old to the Mirror -. They came to the hotel, stopped and then took the plane the next day. Every night there was a different one ”. To then comment on another rumor, which sees the former McLaren driver ended up in bed with 5,000 women in his life: “I can’t guarantee the number – said Hunt jr. to the Times – but I know for a fact that Dad wasn’t a drug addict. He just liked to go wild at parties. He took coke, but he wasn’t a coke addict ”.

chased in Scotland by the police

To then add to the Times: “My dad and I are quite similar in character, and then my mom was pretty bad too.” That is Sarah Lomax, the second wife (the first between ’74 and ’76 was the former British model Suzy Miller, who left James to bond with actor Richard Burton) met by the former pilot during the 1982 holidays, and with whom he was married from the following year until 1989. They both gave birth to Freddie and his brother Tom. To the Mirror, the son of the 1976 champion then recalled: “In the past mom told me about when in the mid 80s they were driving in Scotland and he exceeded the speed limit – he says -: they were chased by a police car and my dad said ‘I will not stop’, because he had a lot of grass in the car. Then he gave the gas, and they were eventually chased by three patrols who couldn’t stop them. Certainly influenced factors such as being an old F1 champion and having a Mercedes with a 6.9-liter engine from him ”.

proud of what daddy was like

Shortly before the ’76 Fuji GP that made him an F1 legend, Hunt was caught in the garage of the Japanese racetrack having sex with a woman. He arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun after a two-week long hangover together with the two-time world champion on motorcycles Barry Sheene, between that GP and the previous one in the US at Watkins Glen, where he triumphed: “He smoked too much weed and drank a lot, he took coke or a few pills at parties – continues Freddie al Mirror -. She did some things wrong in his life, so what? I’m not at all embarrassed by his behavior, Dad was a nonconformist and diehard playboy. But he was very professional, meticulous and hardworking. I am very proud that people remember his adventures ”.

that victory in canada after a spree

Among other memories, finally, is mentioned when James refused to sign a contract with McLaren in 1976, because the team wanted him to wear clothes for public events. Or when, before the Canadian GP in October of that year, he reacted badly for the July victory at Brands Hatch removed from the FIA, which decided to disqualify him only at the end of September. A success thus ended in the hands of rival Lauda, ​​who a few weeks later England had the terrible accident at the Nurburgring, with burns all over his body and a narrow escape. To vent his disappointment, James arrived before the race in Mosport, Ontario, in poor condition: “My dad went out and hung around until the wee hours of the morning – Freddie recalls -. He showed up on the dance floor wearing the same clothes as the night before. Then he got in the car and won that race anyway ”.

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