England collapses with Hungary and is immediately #Southgateout: "better not to go to the World Cup ..."

The English certainly would have enjoyed Mancini’s team debacle against Germany in Mönchengladbach, had they not had something worse to worry about.

If Athens cries, Sparta certainly has little to laugh about. After the defeat in the final of the European Championships a year ago, the English have included the Italian national team among their rivals. And they certainly would have enjoyed Mancini’s team debacle against Germany in Mönchengladbach, if they hadn’t had something worse to worry about. While the Azzurri were outclassed by Flick’s men, a real psychodrama for the Three Lions was staged at the Moulinex in Wolverhampton. That Marco Rossi’s Hungary was dangerous was already understood from the first leg, won by the Hungarians 1-0. But certainly no one expected a 0-4 in the return match.

And instead it goes just like that, with the English totally at the mercy of the opponents, who suffer the first goal after a quarter of an hour and fail to recover, ending up getting a goleada in the last twenty minutes, also thanks to the red of John Stones for double yellow card. A 0-4 that makes noise, almost more than the legendary 3-6 suffered at Wembley in the now distant 1953, the game that destroyed the myth of the Masters. But at the time in the field there were Puskas, Kocsis, Hidegkuti, all full-blown champions. In Rossi’s squad there are very good players, but none equal to the Colonel or Golden Head. Therefore, there must be faults. And, needless to say, the British point the finger at Gareth Southgate.

The CT was continually targeted by his own fans, who sang “you don’t know what you’re doing” at each substitution, meaning that he had no idea what he was doing. And on social networksneedless to say, it got even worse. The hashtag #southgateout is popular and the technician is addressed several insults. “Tremendous to see this team, with the talent we have and at least a decent coach we could play for the World Cup, but with him in the lead, no”, explains a fan. “Any national team would have sacked him now, but we will wait to get out of the group to do so,” explains someone else. “Maybe we shouldn’t even go to the World Cup, it will be a short disaster,” echoes a pessimist. But in defense of Southgate enters … in tackle Jamie Carragher: “silence clowns, the coach has brought us in the best positions in two tournaments since 1966”. But the gratitude in football does not last long …

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