Eduard Romeu: "If we do our job, Lewandowski is viable"

Edward Romeu (Barcelona, ​​1968) is the economic vice president of Barcelona who has had the complicated mission of reviving the club’s economy. Today is a key day because the members vote if they allow the Board to activate the necessary levers so that the club can sign and reduce its debt. He is optimistic and that is how he transmits it in the talk. He knows what the club needs to return to being what it was.

Interview with Eduard Romeu vice president of Barcelona: “Lewandowski is viable”

How would you define the economic situation of Bara?

It is a complex situation, although nothing to do with what was a year ago when we entered blindly. Now we know the scope of the damage and the existing patrimonial imbalance. We have the means or levers to be able to redirect this situation and make it favorable in the shortest time possible.

What are these levers going to allow Barcelona?

We have two objectives. The first is to close the current year with profits, which was the commitment we made to our partners. This, in addition, has an impact on our reputation and credibility to close the next years. Secondly, to help redirect the patrimonial imbalance.

The goal is that in the summer of 2023 there is no longer any talk of Financial Fair Play or salary mass

How much money do they need to close their financial year without losses?

We believe that using one of the options that we have on the table will be enough. We speak in all cases of around 200 million, although that does not mean that the loss is of that amount.

If they get these agreements, is it enough to make a great signing?

If we are capable of obtaining the trust of the compromising partner and we are capable of closing the operations in the terms that we want, we would be in a normalized situation. From there, it supposes an entry of money from the sale of assets and it would be an income that would have to be managed. That means that part of it should go to strengthen the team and meet the demands of the Sports Department, but we must not forget that we have a very large debt that we have to reduce successively. There are two options. We can’t repeat the mistakes of the past

Why have they not managed to reduce the wage bill as they wanted?

It is a very thankless task to put your hand in the pocket of a person who has a contract that someone else has signed. We are a serious club. We have to attend to the commitments we have, but we are also enabled to redirect this situation.

How much should the wage bill be reduced?

Our objective is to leave it at 400 million, this means that we have to reduce 160 million. It is an adequate figure with which the coaching staff can work and have a team that can compete in all competitions.

If we obtain the trust of the partner and we are capable of closing the operations in the terms that we want, we would be in a normalized situation

Do you have to sell De Jong? You say that it is a technical issue, the coach that it is an economic issue; something doesn’t add up.

In the budget to balance the balance as of June 30, we do not have any player sales contemplated. If it happens for other reasons, from the economic area we will not affect it.

In the summer of 2023 we will no longer talk about salary mass or Financial Fair Play?

It would be ideal and for Mr. Yuste to have all the focus on the sports field. If we are able to reach these agreements and carry them out on the scheduled dates, our aspiration is that it be so.

Are you optimistic about signing Lewandowski?

It is one of the requests from the technical staff. The player has already expressed himself in this regard. It is very important that a player of this level shows that predisposition to come to Barcelona. If we are able to do the job it is a viable option.

Is it true that Kessi and Christensen cannot be registered at this time?

Today, as the situation is, we would have to refer to the situation of 1/3. For every three euros of exit, one can enter. Depending on the capacity we have to negotiate the exits, we would have the capacity to register. If we can’t do it, then no.

With a year in perspective, do you think the decision to dismiss Messi was the right one?

At the time I already said that in the economic terms in which the negotiation was, we cannot afford it.

Tebas has relaxed his speech with Barcelona?

We all have to take a stand. Confrontation does not lead to any positive points. With some interference or comments he has harmed us, we have made him see it and he has understood it. We have the same interest that it is a powerful League that benefits us all. We know the rules of the game, we don’t want preferential treatment, but we don’t want discriminatory treatment either.

The news I have is that Gavi will be renewed shortly

Will the Super League be a reality?

This must be analyzed carefully. We must seek a balance so that the clubs that we generate the most do not see ourselves discriminated against in the economic distribution. That is the discussion. It has to be done with a lot of negotiation going hand in hand with the Leagues and everyone wins. Do it in a calmer and more relaxed way.

Can Gavi’s renewal be taken for granted?

It is not my rea. The news that reaches me is that everything is developing normally and that we will soon have the renewal. Demb? As far as I know, an offer was made to him and at the moment there is no response.

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