Bordj Bou Arreridj: Sonelgaz director in wilaya and four agents were placed in temporary detention pending investigation

The Public Prosecutor ordered the Bordj Bou Arreridj Judicial Council to place the director of Sonelgaz in the wilaya and four agents in temporary detention pending investigations into the case of a house explosion in the 5 July neighborhood on April 07 of the current year, according to the statement issued by the Republic Prosecution to the Bordj Bou Arreridj District Council, according to the provisions of Article 11 of the Procedure Code. And in the context of informing public opinion about issues of interest and to avoid any false information, where the violent explosion occurred on the mentioned date at nine thirty in the neighborhood of July 05 in Bordj Bou Arreridj in the house of the so-called (HB), which led to the collapse of a building consisting of a ground floor and two floors completely, which resulted in the death Ten (10) members of one family, may God have mercy on them, including three children and two infants, and injuring 16 others with injuries of varying severity. The explosion also caused significant material damage to citizens’ homes, which numbered 22, and destroyed two cars, according to the same statement. The State Security Criminal Division has opened a preliminary in-depth investigation to find out the circumstances and circumstances of the explosion. As a result of the explosion, the victims and suspects were heard, and everyone who would benefit from hearing them in the investigations. Also, items were seized at the scene of the explosion, which were subjected to study and analysis by the elements of the regional laboratory of the Scientific Police in Constantine. A judicial expert accredited to the courts and judicial councils and specialized in electricity, gas and industrial hazards was harnessed, who concluded in his report that the explosion occurred due to a gas leak, as it was found through the preliminary investigations carried out, indicative elements of the responsibilities of the Sonelgaz operator and agents in terms of negligence and apparent neglect in dealing with Reporting the owner of the dwelling about gas leakage, failure to take measures and precautions as required by the regulations and regulations, failure to take actual and immediate responsibility for the case of gas leakage, as well as errors that would entail penal responsibility for the personal act and also for the act of others that are legally criminalized and according to the same statement that based on what was reached To him, the parties to the case were brought before the Bordj Bou Arreridj Court ProsecutionThe invited people are (R) to be an interventionist, (R) to be an interventionist, (Sh) Aoun, (BA) is charged with the task of intervention, (B) (manager) And whoever was revealed by the investigation on charges of a misdemeanor of refraining from committing an act that prevents the occurrence of a misdemeanor against the integrity of the human body, a misdemeanor of causing manslaughter, a misdemeanor of causing wrongful wounds, a misdemeanor of directly endangering the life or physical safety of others by his willful and manifest violation of one of the duties of precaution or safety imposed by him The law or the organization, the misdemeanor of causing a fire that led to the destruction of the funds of others, and this arose in the non-observance of regulations, as the interrogation of the accused by the investigative judge, the second chamber, upon the first attendance, who issued an order to place all parties under temporary detention pending judicial investigation.

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