BMW: centenary is celebrated in Munich, thinking about the future

As the first century of operation at the Bavarian site was celebrated, the foundation stone for the state-of-the-art facility was laid in Debrecen

Maurizio Bertera

Best wishes to the BMW plant in Munich, where the German manufacturer was born and continues to have its headquarters. One hundred years ago the production of the first car was started even if for the first 30 years, so until 1952, the plant was involved in the construction of engines for aircraft and motorcycles. Subsequently, cars were also implemented including the iconic Isetta, racing legends such as the M3 and the most successful model of the entire range: the 3 Series, although for the record, the first examples of the latter came out from the assembly lines not before 1975. The structure of the plant, however, is undergoing transformation, starting from the former paint shop which is about to be converted into a new body construction plant. Then in 2024, the company will build a completely new plant to produce the fully electric “Neue Klasse” on the site of the current engine building plant.


“Our roots are in Munich: this plant is our origin and our future – declared Milan Nedeljković, member of the production board – It is a high-tech production site. Around 900 high-quality cars leave this plant every day, including five different models with all types of engines. This demonstrates the high flexibility, but also the vast experience and skills of the people who work here. They are the driving force behind everything that happens ”. Already next year, one in two vehicles that will leave the Munich plant will be fully electric: that means more than 100,000 i4s that will depart from Munich to customers from all over the world “, announced Oliver Zipse, chairman of the BMW board of directors. it means that, by 2023, the plant will have already reached the BMW Group’s global target for 2030, which is to increase the percentage of BEVs to 50% “.


In the days of the celebration in Munich, the foundation stone was laid for the group’s new factory in Debrecen, Hungary. The new facility comes after an investment of over 1 billion euros and will be used for the serial production of the fully electric Neue Klasse in 2025. A key element in the sustainability concept of the new plant is the total absence of fossil fuels: no oil or natural gas. , the electricity needed will come exclusively from renewable sources. As a result, Debrecen will make a significant contribution to achieving the 80% reduction in CO2 emissions from production. Much of the energy needed will therefore be generated by extensive photovoltaic systems directly in the plant. The rest will come at regional level from 100% renewable sources, partly geothermal. In addition, Plant Debrecen will use technologies never seen before in the automotive sector, particularly in the paint shop. Then constant circularity: wherever possible, the materials and production resources will be reused, starting with metal scraps such as filings, milling and pressing. The waste heat from the cooling systems will eventually be fed into a closed circuit to heat the internal rooms and the water.

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