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Published on June 15, 2022 at 08:00 – updated on June 15, 2022 at 08:34

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On the eve of facing Monaco in Match 1 of the Betclic Elite final, ASVEL leader (or rear) Paul Lacombe (5pts, 1.7rbds average in 14min in play-offs) told the conference of expresses his joy at facing the Roca Team, in a dream final.

Paul Lacombe, this is your eighth French championship final, with Strasbourg, Monaco, and therefore ASVEL!
Yes, it’s the eighth in a row. Too bad there was the covid (which stopped the season in 20220, editor’s note), we were going there I think… It’s not bad. I had flair, I chose the right teams every time I think (smile).

Is it special to face your former team?
It’s always a bit special, it’s like when I have the chance to play against Strasbourg. But it’s true that apart from Yakuba and the coach, with whom I worked, a lot of things have changed. I have the impression that with the Euroleague, they have become another entity compared to when I was there (2017-2020, editor’s note).

ASVEL-Monaco, is it the dream final?
I imagine. It’s a bit of a logical continuation, these are the two big teams in the championship, the two Euroleague teams. It may not please everyone, but for the championship it is the best final there can be. These two teams must pull the French championship up, today and tomorrow.

Still, it wasn’t easy in the quarter-finals for either team…
The quarter-finals, it’s never easy, in three games. Often I find myself in this kind of situation. We were able to react and be more solid, and that did us good for the semi-finals. We got scared, and Monaco just as much.

Wednesday is your fifth meeting of the season, you know each other by heart, how do you approach it?
It is even more important. When we had played them in the Euroleague, there was the reality on the ground, on French soil, we did not want to lose against them. But if we lost, it was not so serious because there were other matches. There, if we lose a match, we are lucky to have four others to win, but it goes faster, each match is almost a cleaver match. There is a title at stake. You have to give more energy, raise your level, have more game intelligence. It will be played out on its details.

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