Bardolino stellar: Barnaby and Gelmini dominate the historic triathlon

The hosts Gregory Barnaby and Lilli Gelmini triumph at the 37th Bardolino Triathlon. 1400 athletes at the start on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda

A great sports festival, a river full of energy, an awaited return after a two-year break. There 37th edition of the Bardolino Triathlonthe oldest race in Italy, was literally stellar: not only for the presence of the astronaut Luca Parmitanoradiant in the changeover area and intent on preparing the Elbaman at the beginning of October, not only for the usual and expected flight of the helicopter for television shooting that gives the athletes spectacular images and emotions “from the Giro d’Italia”, but above all for the bright, luminous and joyful eyes of the gods 1400 athletes returned to the legendary transition area.


There were those who on September 2, 1984, the date of the first edition, were not yet born (such as Riccardo Guzzo, born in 2004the youngest at the start, Gherardo Marcation the other hand, he was the most experienced with his own 83 years), who instead on that date was a pioneer and plunged into the same waters to write a fundamental page for the history of triathlon, others instead chose Bardolino for their debut in the multidiscipline. There was also someone who had an unfinished business with this race.

Lord Barnaby

In 2015, Gregory Barnaby, fighting for the prestigious podium, was favored by an error in the path of the opponent who preceded him: seven years ago, he gave up the position with great fair play and contented himself with third place. This year, while he was in the lead, he was involuntarily the protagonist of a new error on the race track: this time no gifts from others were needed, but only exceptional legs to get back on the head and arrive alone, at the finish line, with the crown of laurel around the neck to write your name on the prestigious roll of honor. Davide Uccellari went to the podium with Barnabyblue at the Olympic Games in London 2012 and Rio 2016, ed Emanuele Faraco which repelled the assaults of Montanari, Zamò, Micotti and Morandini.

Bardolino Triathlon 2022 podium of the 37th edition


In command from the first strokes, Lilli Gelmini she experienced the thrills of triumph as a hostess. The Veronese is truly irrepressible, dominating the historic event in front of a friendly public, who added a truly prestigious victory to her palmares in front of Chiara Lobba and Sara Sandrini. Here all the other results.

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