Anne-Lise Rousset after her record on the GR20: "I didn't think I could do it"

The record

“During the course, I didn’t worry about the time at all. I only looked at my watch towards the end, when the kilometers were going by a little more slowly. Of course, it’s great to have beaten this record, but at the end, when I find all my relatives, there is above all the intense emotion of having crossed the line, of having joined Conca and of to have achieved it in the most beautiful of ways. Adrian (her husband and coach of the French trail running team) had counted on these times, he had estimated at 36 hours (the old record, held for ten years by Emilie Lecomte, was 41:22). I kinda had it in the back of my mind, but I didn’t think I would be able to do it. »

the adventure

“The northern part went extremely well. I really had a lot of fun from start to finish, without any slack. I experienced it very, very well and it was a treat, a great adventure. The southern part was more difficult with the distance and accumulated fatigue, especially since it was very hot, so it was more about sharing. William and Lambert (former and current GR20 record holder) told me: This GR, it is shared and without your loved ones, if you are not well framed, it will not do “. And they were 300% right. The emotions I shared with those close to me took over. I owe them everything. »

“The night was very complicated to manage. I had a physiological fatigue which was added to the fatigue of the physical effort. I just wanted to sleep. »

The hardest moment

“The night, from Vizzavone to Verde, was very complicated to manage. I had a physiological fatigue which was added to the fatigue of the physical effort, I simply wanted to sleep. The friends who were with me at the time weren’t expecting that and were told not to let me sleep, especially since we were on a rolling section. Afterwards, I took over with other friends and they let me sleep. I told them “ five minutes, no more “. I landed on the side of the road, really anywhere, and fell asleep instantly. They woke me up five minutes later and we left. It did me a lot of good. »


“I hurt all over and I think it will be for another 48 hours but otherwise I’m fine. I was lucky not to fall, not to get a big injury, it’s just my muscles that are completely crushed. I managed to rest and sleep a little last night. We will stay in Corsica until Sunday, take advantage of these few days of rest and complete break, it will be good. And then on Monday, I’ll go back to work (she’s a rural vet), life resumes. »

His future challenges

“One thing is certain, for three weeks, my sneakers will stay in the closet. I still want to do some shopping that I’ve never done, to taste the ultra – even if that’s already ultra. I’m thinking in particular of the Diagonale des Fous, the UTMB, the Hardrock 100. We’re sure to set off again for a few adventures because, no wonder, that’s also what motivates us. But, for the moment, there is nothing concrete. »

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