All crazy for Gnonto: the Under 19 called him up, Zurich didn't leave him.  And the price goes up

There are many foreign offers, in particular that of Hoffenheim. Serie A also wants to bring home the blue talent: Sassuolo is in the front row

That European Championship with the Under 19s Willy Gnonto got sweaty and now he is keen to answer the call from Carmine Nunziata, the coach who accompanied his growth in the youth national teams before the exploits with the major selection of Roberto Mancini. But Zurich are putting a spoke in the wheel and are pressing to have the striker immediately available, given that soon there is a call-up for the Swiss club to meet in view of the new season. Thus the blue call breaks the plans of the Swiss company which already sees its jewel particularly in the window. In reality, the rules protect the player, given that the commitment of the Azzurri in Slovakia is of absolute international value. After all, Willy has already shown that he knows how to respond in the best possible way to these appointments.


Two years ago he was the protagonist with the Under 17 at the World Cup, scoring three goals in four games. And on the return there was the separation from Inter, given that there were no conditions for a technical path adequate to the ambitions of the attacker. Meanwhile, the brilliant performances with Mancini’s team are moving the market. Despite Willy having only one year on his contract, in Zurich they hope to make a bang: there is even talk of a request for 15 million euros. Suffice it to say that no more than a week ago the request was for 7 million. But it is clear that at this stage everything is changing rapidly. There are many foreign offers, in particular that of Hoffenheim led by the German coach André Breiteneiter, the guide of Zurich in the last season, the authentic pygmalion of his rise.


But Serie A is also working hard to bring back the original talent of Verbania: in the front row is Sassuolo, who have always been used to focusing on young Italian talents. And this prerogative of the Emilian club is obviously affecting Willy and his entourage. Obviously, the spotlight of the European Championship in Slovakia offers further opportunities for enhancement at an international level. Of course, the holidays will be reduced to the bone, but he is excited to be able to have this new experience also for this reason he is working hard to convince Zurich to give him the green light as soon as possible.

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