Accidents with wild animals, for mini boom insurance: regions at risk

Road users are doubling as they seek protection for road accidents involving wildlife and non-wildlife

Alessandro Pastore

The number of road accidents involving wild animals is growing. And also the wild boar emergency that is spreading in some cities, starting with Rome, seems to contribute to the rise of this type of incident. In this context, the demand for ad hoc policies from motorists to individual companies is also growing, even if the global number remains very low, as underlined by a series of data processed by In Italy, according to estimates by the Asaps observatory, the association of friends of the traffic police and updated at the end of 2021, last year 213 significant accidents were recorded (the report considers only and exclusively those with injured or deceased people) involving animals . There were 157 in 2020 + 35.7% and 164 in 2019.

the numbers

In the accidents of 2021 13 people died, 16 in 2020 -18.7% and 15 in 2019 while 261 were seriously injured. There were 215 in 2020 + 21.4% and 221 in 2019. In 199 cases the accident occurred with a wild animal (93.4%) and in 14 with a pet (6.6%), 170 accidents were which occurred during the day and 43 at night, 199 accidents occurred on the ordinary network and 14 on the main motorways and suburban areas. In 162 cases the vehicle involved was a car, in 62 cases a motorcycle, in an accident the impact occurred against trucks or buses and in 15 accidents cycles were involved. The total is higher than the number of events because different vehicles were involved in some accidents

regions at risk

In first place in serious accidents involving animal investments that occurred in 2021, Tuscany stands out with 27 claims, followed by Lazio with 25, Lombardy with 23, Emilia-Romagna with 15, Marche, Piedmont and Veneto with 13, Liguria with 12, Puglia with 11, Campania and Abruzzo with 10. We then find Friuli Venezia Giulia with 8, Sardinia with 7, Trentino Alto Adige with 6, Sicily and Calabria with 5, Molise with 4, Umbria and Basilicata with 3.

small numbers

Against this background, the offer of specific policies that include the item “collision of wild animals” doubles even if the offer of specific policies is kept at fractional levels. According to data available on, the comparator estimated that, in the last year, the percentage of motorists who added this optional coverage to the RC car went from just under 1% (May 2021) to over 2 % (May 2022). However, many companies provide coverage for this type of accident in policies such as the kasko.

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