Transfer of powers in the Warriors: Wiggins disguises himself as Curry

Lyou Golden State Warriors they have stayed one win away from winning the NBA ring by fourth time in eight years thanks to his victory in San Francisco, 104-94 in the fifth game of the Finals. The Warriors, in addition to confirming the home court factor, caused the Celtics’ second straight loss in these Playoffs, something that had not happened in their previous seven losses. That change in trend can end up sentencing the title.

And if in the room we attend a recital of Stephen Curry With those 43 points, in the fifth we saw the worst version of the Warriors star who, as if he were transferring his superpowers, left them in the hands of Andrew Wiggins the protagonism of a match that usually awards the championship to its winner in 82% of the occasions that it arrives with 2-2 in the history of the Finals.

It is often said that in the Playoffs the key is often secondary. They are the ones who end up deciding the most even matches. On the fifth, Andrew Wiggins he disguised himself as Curryliterally to lead his team. San Francisco saw a Curry who did 233 matches not see: the player unable to score a triple. He went 0-for-9, putting his streak of playoff games scoring a triple or more at 132 and his total streak, between playoffs and regular league games, at 233. But even with the worst Curry, the Warriors won. .

The San Francisco team showed their greatest wardrobe but, above all, they had wigginsauthor of 26 points and 13 rebounds and a crucial leadership when the Celtics they managed to react and take the lead in the third quarter.

wiggins He already shone in the fourth with 17 points and 16 rebounds and surpassed his performance in the fifth. he suddenly he has been able to snatch the prominence of these Finals from players like Curry, Thompson, Tatum or Brown and stand at the gates of winning the ring. There was a transfer of superpowers in the Warriors.

In 1986 the father of Andrew, Mitchell Wiggins, starred in a Finals achieving the decisive basket with which the Rockets won the fifth game. They ended up losing the Finals to Larry Bird’s Celtics, 4-2. Now is your time. Andrew has led the Warriors with the firm belief that the Wiggins’ Finals story will be very different this time.

If the night was a nightmare in triple for Curry with that 0 of 9, the Celtics They went on a real roller coaster. The greens made history twice, but for good and for bad. First they became the first team that in a Finals miss 12 triples in a row, the first who tried in the match. Then they were the first team in history to score 8 baskets of three in a row in a Finals game, beating the 7 that they and other teams had as cap. They later missed another six shots in a row to send the game down 3-2 to sixth. As soon as they had found some balance in their outside shot, perhaps we would be talking about a victory for the Celtics in San Francisco.

Klay Thompson He appeared at the most opportune moment for his team. Without their great leader at a good level and with wiggins Holding onto the warrior building, Klay came to the rescue shooting 7-for-14 and hitting five 3-pointers for 21 points, in another shining moment for him in the Finals.

Monday marked exactly three years since Thompson broke his knee in a title game, which led to surgery, then another injury, an Achilles tendon injury, and more than two and a half years of ordeal before he returned. to play.

Klay was broken in the sixth game of the 2019 Finals, a clash that the Raptors won from Kawhi Leonard and Marc Gasol to take the first franchise title.

His role so far against the Celtics had not been too preponderant, but with Curry in the background, the best Thompson of these Finals has emerged.

Little can be blamed Jayson Tatum, author of 27 points and 10 rebounds with 5 of 9 in triples. He tried everything from the point of view of the game and perhaps he lacked the court leadership that he did show. wiggins to win a game that leaves them very close to the abyss.

In Boston, Jaylene Brown did 18 and Marcus Smart 20, but Al Horford stayed at 9 and Derrick White made only one point. While the Warriors’ bench contributed 31 points, the Celtics’ bench only had 10. And we’ve already talked about the importance of secondaries in these games. Tell Andrew Wiggins…

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