Saputo and the new era of Bologna: "With Sartori to grow. Sinisa remains, target 52 points"

The president presents the new head of the technical area: “Arnautovic not transferable, Hickey and Svanberg out”

The new era of Bologna began at 11.30: the president Joey Saputo, alongside the CEO Claudio Fenucci, presented the new head of the technical area Giovanni Sartori. Thus: “The arrival of Sartori – says the president of Bologna – is a tangible sign of our ambition: not only a sporting but an organizational signal. I am sure that with the work of the same head of the technical area, Di Vaio (new director sporting, ed) and Fenucci we will reach our goals. With Sartori we have hired one of the most valid managers on the Italian scene, Mihajlovic I heard from him yesterday and he brings his greetings. Why did we decide to continue with Sinisa? of the season that the team had the potential for the 52 point goal, the second part was more difficult but I think we have everything to be able to reach that goal: it will take everyone’s effort, even the players. last year we were all disappointed but the potential was there and I wanted to give Sinisa the opportunity to reach the goal we set ourselves. Giovanni has always worked in a family way and that’s what I want: now he is part of the our family. In seven years we have done a lot at the club level, at the administrative and sporting level: for me it is important that Bologna is seen as a serious club; we haven’t gotten to where we want to be yet. But I know we can get there. I’m not afraid to invest, on and off the pitch: but at the same time it is important that there is a return, in terms of capital gains or rankings “.

Arnautovic does not touch himself

Then, here is Giovanni Sartori coming out after seven years at Atalanta in which, as at Chievo before, he reached the European scenarios. “There is a strong feeling inside me when I start this adventure, I know I have been chosen by a team that has made the history of football, a long history made up of important results, of great coaches and players – says Sartori -. Thanks to Saputo, to Fenucci for having thought of me for this new cycle of Bologna which also wants to start from my person: it is a trust that I want to repay with passion, daily work, gratitude towards a president who has chosen me. other ways to give answers to the square. I confess also a very personal aspect: when the call from Bologna arrived I saw it as a sign of destiny – he gets excited – in the meantime I am convinced that here we can do a good job and growth , but in front of the proposal I didn’t think for a minute besides the fact that Bologna was my dad’s team, when he came to play in Milan he took me to see him at the stadium, the great Bologna of Perani, Bulgarelli, that or who won the Scudetto. I feel great enthusiasm and responsibility on the part of an ambitious square that has always given me a hard time when I met it. Saputo said that he wants to change the technical area and I take it as a stimulus: for me to be able to repay his trust is a primary goal. Arnautovic? He is a non-transferable, important player, he is certainly not on the market: in life you can never say never, but you start from him. “And the confirmation also comes from the CEO Claudio Fenucci:” Arnautovic – says the CEO -? He is also an important pivot for the growth of the club in the coming years: it would be unacceptable to think of a sale of him. “Then, here is Marco Di Vaio:” Cessions? For now we think it might be Hickey who comes out, but let’s see, it depends. Arna remains non-transferable, I confirm. Svanberg? We are not in line with his agent for a renewal, I think we will have to find an outgoing solution “.

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