Mayweather's return: in September in Japan against a local MMA star

At 45, the boxing star will challenge Mikuru Asakura in the Rizin promotion: “I broke all records, I’ll give people what they want”

“The mind is a terrible thing to waste. I need it to make smart investments and take care of my family.” Floyd Mayweather returns to the ring and looks to Japan, with the usual confidence: in September he will challenge Mikuru Asakura, home star of the MMAs. “I am the best, I have seen all the stars and I have broken all the records, I will show the public what they have come to see,” the American boxer said at the press conference, looking forward to his next performance. For the second time, under the banner of the Rizin Fighting Federation.

the match

The announcement arrived on Monday evening from Rizin, with the two challengers present at the press conference to tell the event of next September, a performance lasting three rounds, even if the rules of the dispute are not yet known (Rizin will make them notes at the end of the month). For Mayweather, 45 years old and a boxing record of 50 wins and zero defeats, this is the fourth exhibition match after retiring from professional activity, which came in August 2017 following the victory by technical knockout against Conor McGregor and the conquest of the “Money Belt”, the special belt created for the occasion by the WBC (mix of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and gold, in crocodile leather). With that match, renamed “The Money Fight”, Mayweather hit the fiftieth victory off the official circuit of the federation, surpassing the historic record of Rocky Marciano (with McGregor, it was also the second best-selling pay-per-view of all time, behind in Mayweather-Pacquiao). On the other hand there is the Japanese fighter (16-3, 1 no-contest in mixed martial arts), 29, who in addition to success in the ring has a career as a youtuber with millions of followers behind him. Eight of his 16 wins came by knockout

floyd after retirement

In addition to victories with boxing gloves, Mayweather is known to the general public for having been, in his career, one of the most requested athletes and able to generate income for pay-per-view events, entering in various capacities in the rankings of the scrooge of sport. After the retirement, in 2018 here is the first attempt in an exhibition match against Tenshin Nasukawa, Japanese kickboxing champion, always with Rizin. On occasion, Mayweather knocked Nasukawa down three times in the opening round, causing his opponent’s corner to throw in the towel. Then, last June, the controversial challenge against the youtuber Logan Paul: ringing of the final bell after eight rounds, with no winner. Last performance in May, against former training partner Don Moore. The September match will be broadcast on the new “Rizin Fight Pass” service which will be launched next Friday. The details will be communicated shortly by the organization.

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