Golden State sees Heaven: Boston falls, missing a victory for the title

The Warriors take game-5: on Thursday at the Celtics home the first match point for the ring

To a title victory. It seems incredible, after everything he’s been through in the last 3 years, but on the anniversary of the injury that started Klay Thompson’s ordeal and franchise reset, Golden State takes 104-94 Game-5 against Boston and on Thursday away the first match point for the ring will be played. Klay cooks a good slice of victory, considering that it is he in the third quarter who awakens the Warriors after the Celtics, attacked in the first half, had recovered a disadvantage that even reached 16 points with an overflowing start of recovery. Golden State overall deserved the win, also enhanced by the warm crowd of Chase Center, managing to avoid the team from being affected by Steph Curry’s worst game in the series. Boston, which for the first time in these playoffs loses two games in a row, was too fluctuating, like its precision first lost, then found again and then lost again by three. On Thursday at the TD Garden, Udoka’s team will have to bring out the best to bring the Finals back to San Francisco for Game-7.


If the Warriors in these Finals were mainly Curry, Game-5 was more than the others the victory of the team. Andrew Wiggins, mvp of the game with 26 points and 13 rebounds, and Draymond Green in the first half, Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole in the second half. Curry (16 points with 7/22 from the field and an unusual 0/9 from three) was the leader also in this situation, putting aside the pursuit of personal glory to put himself at the service of the team. The 5 double-digit players are the best testimony that that Strength In Numbers, strength is in numbers, key word of the 5 Finals in 5 years, they are still the Golden State motto: Wiggins confirmed that without pressure he can be a phenomenon, Green played his best game of the series, Poole was the spark from the bench together with Gary Payton II, a very precious son of art who is living a fairy tale. Like that of Golden State, which after seeing hell finds itself one step away from Heaven again. The key to entering it, the key to immortality, is another victory. Thursday in Boston will be the first chance to take it.

on the ropes

Boston has gone to the ropes. “We are a tough team,” coach Udoka said before the game, a concept he will have to reiterate on the long flight home to make sure his parents remember that they are. Attacked right from the two-ball, the Celtics in the first half went like a doll, with the attack crippled by 12 errors out of 12 in the first attempts by 3. The third period was the only moment of the match in which the Celtics were successful to play as Celtics, physicists in defense and determined in attack far beyond the accuracy of the triple. It did not last, thanks to the merits of Golden State which found itself after the worrying minutes of disarray, and to the demerits of Boston, which lost Tatum’s effectiveness in attack (in any case in the best game of the series with 27 points and 10 rebounds). managed to find an alternative game source. As Udoka had predicted, it was the Boston attack, not the defense, that tipped the scales: the Celtics stopped at 41.1%, unable to find on the bench (White disastrous) that would have served so much. And now they play in order not to go to the bottom: they have already tried it, in their long playoff ride, but this time it is different. This time it’s the Finals.

the match

The Warriors ‘departure is overflowing: aggressive right from the tap-off, they send Boston haywire for a long time and touch 24-8 with Curry 2’ from the first siren. Boston tries to recover, shortening in the second quarter down to -6 with a run of 8-0, but it is Wiggins to keep Golden State ahead, signing with 9 points in the second period the 51-39 of the interval. The third quarter in these Finals had always been that of the Warriors domination: in race-5 it becomes that of the redemption of the Celtics. Boston starts with an amazing 10-0, overturns Golden State with a 27-10 run. Then Klay rings the alarm, Poole puts an incredible triple on the siren and at the end of the third quarter the Warriors are still ahead, 75-74. Thompson and Poole stun Boston with a 10-0 run at the start of the last quarter, but Wiggins is still the one to complete the job. And to send Golden State to a title win.

Golden State: Wiggins 26 (12/17 from two, 0/6 from three, 2/3 free throws), Thompson 21, Curry 16. Rebounds: Wiggins 13. Assists: Curry 8.
Boston: Tatum 27 (5/11, 5/9, 2/6 tl), Smart 20, Brown 18. Rebounds: Tatum 10. Assists: Tatum 4, Brown 4.

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