Dokic, tennis star one step away from suicide: "I was jumping from the 26th floor"

The former world number 4 revealed his drama on social media: “I wanted to take my own life”

A crystalline talent stopped by problems bigger than her. She has struggled a lifetime to be free, first from her father, then from her other demons. Jelena Dokic is 39 years old, but she is as if she had lived ten lives.

The temptation

The Australian was about to give up, and she even said the date, when she was about to do so: April 28, 2022. Jelena, a 17-year-old who reached the semifinals at Wimbledon in 2000, found herself on a balcony, on the 26th floor, and had thought of ending it, of putting an end to his suffering by jumping downstairs. She didn’t, luckily she stopped in time. And so, after a few weeks, she wanted to tell yet another, incredible and very strong personal story of her, through an Instagram post. “April 28, 2022. At moments I would jump off my balcony on the twenty-sixth floor to take my own life. I will never forget that day. Everything is blurred, everything is dark – said the Australian – There is no sound, there is no image, nothing makes sense … only tears, sadness, depression, anxiety and pain “.

The crisis

The Australian of Serbian origin then recounted how hard this period had been: “The last six months have been hard. A continuous cry, everywhere. From hiding in the bathroom at work to wiping my tears so no one sees, like when I’m at home. It had all become unsustainable. Constant feelings of sadness and pain did not go away and my life was destroyed. It’s my fault, I don’t think I deserve to be loved and I’m afraid. I know there are a lot of things I can be grateful for, but then I start hating myself because I feel this way and just want to get it over with. It’s a vicious circle in my head ”. The former world number 10 then paused on that dramatic day, after she was about to end it: “I almost jumped down from my balcony on the 26th floor on April 28th. I will never forget that day, I just wanted the pain and suffering to end. I was really on the edge, I don’t know how I managed it later. Maybe being a professional helps, it saved my life. This is not easy to write, but I have always been open and honest and vulnerable with you and I strongly believe in the power to share our stories to go through these moments helping each other – wrote Dokic -. I write this because I know that I am not the only one experiencing these moments. Know that you are not alone. I’m not telling you that I’m fine now, but I’m definitely better and I’m on a better path. Some days are good, others less. Sometimes I take a step forward, sometimes I take a step back, but now I’m struggling and I feel I can come out of it ”. With a final promise, like a warrior like she has always been, on and off the pitch: “I’ll be back, stronger than before”.

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