Deschamps, a death with serious consequences

By his own admission, the death of his father at the start of the France team rally weighed in on the poor results recorded by the Blues in June.

The France team has completely gone through. Already beaten by Denmark (1-2) at the opening and then forced to a draw during their two trips to Croatia (1-1) and Austria (1-1), the Blues continued with another defeat at the Stade de France against Croatia (0-1). With two meager points after four matches, Didier Deschamps’ men can no longer hope to make the Nations League Final Four and will seek to avoid relegation in their final two matches in September.

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We lacked strength, energy

According to the Blues, the main reason for this fiasco is the fatigue with which they had to deal at the end of the season. “Beyond the system that we can change, there is such a superior energy in the opponent that makes it hard to fight, thus analyzed Didier Deschamps at the end of the meeting. We certainly didn’t have the means for this match, even if I take nothing away from the qualities of this Croatian team. They had more energy than us, and this early penalty puts them in comfort and us in difficulty. It is like this gathering where the organizations were very solicited. We lacked strength, energy, character too.

I didn’t have the usual strength and energy

And according to the tricolor coach, this analysis also applies to him. “I talk about the players, but I attribute it to myself too: I didn’t have the usual strength and energy to transmit to them”, he confided. A reference to the death of his father, which occurred at the very beginning of the rally and which had caused him to be absent for the first match against Croatia.

Bad holidays on the horizon

“Am I going to have a bad vacation? Yes. But I would have had a bad holiday even if we had won the matches anyway, after that it’s more personal, he also assured. It’s a bad time. But there you go, it can happen too, that’s why you always have to appreciate the very good times.

The native of Bayonne remains no less serene. ” I’m not worried. I will have the analysis and the reflection with my staff, but there will be need for many, many more things if we want to maintain the standard which is ours, he explained. We will have to do a lot more at the start of the school year to prepare for the deadline that is ours. From the moment we haven’t done the right thing, we have to do our own self-criticism too. The results prove us wrong. I hope that we can recover all our forces, our character and our fighting spirit. In the locker room, no one is smiling. But I was a player too, and I know that they only think of one thing, which is to take advantage of their families. They need it too, before leaving. There was no energy, but we also lacked character. It’s all kind of connected. Is it a bad thing for a good thing? If we saw ourselves too beautiful, we will have to react. We did not meet the high level requirements for this meeting, certainly because we did not have the means.

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