Curry is human, Golden State has more than him: the 5 things he said in race-5

The San Francisco win gives the Warriors 3-2 in the series. And Boston now has a problem …

You again. Golden State finds itself with a win from the ring (it would be the fourth of the Kerr era) after beating Boston in Game-5. The 104-94 final does not bear the signature of the usual Steph Curry but of Andrew Wiggins, who went from surprise to solid reality of what are the first Finals of his career. Waiting for game-6, scheduled in Boston at 3 am on the Italian night between Thursday and Friday, here are 5 things that the fifth game of these Finals said.

It seemed impossible, given how he played in the first 4 games, but Steph Curry is also human. Game-5 was his worst game in these Finals: 16 points, 7/22 from the field, first time in his career in the playoffs without a triple on target. “Obviously as a shooter it bothers me, but luckily scoring is not the only thing I know how to do on the pitch. I will shoot better next game, and I can’t wait to play it,” he said with a touch of pride. Steph was dominating these Finals at 34.3ppg with 50% from the field and 49% from three before this misstep. The favorite for the MVP, should Golden State win, remains him.

Steve Kerr has found his wild card: Andrew Wiggins. The Canadian was instrumental in Game-5, finishing with 26 points and 13 rebounds to which he added the extraordinary defensive work that helped keep the Celtics 41.3% from the field. Wiggins was the first overall pick in 2014, he seemed to be lost in Minnesota but it seems made for the Warriors, to give them that defense on the outside that seemed to be missing in the reset of the dynasty after the Finals lost in 2019. And Wiggins in San Francisco is perfectly located. “There are many intelligent people here, who rejoice in the successes of others and put you in a position to be the best version of yourself”. He is doing so well that in the first Finals of his career he travels at 18.4 points and 9.4 rebounds on average. And he continues to grow.

Strength in Numbers, strength is in numbers, said the motto of the Warriors in the 5 consecutive Finals. Despite the reset, the concept still applies to Steve Kerr’s team. Seeing Game-5 is believing, with Golden State winning a game holding up Boston’s scream in the third quarter with Curry playing his worst game of the series. In addition to Wiggins, thanks to Jordan Poole and Gary Payton II, Draymond Green has returned to resemble himself. And above all of the defense, the winning weapon of this race-5. “We have many players ready to give their contribution, able to be ready and keep the level high regardless of how much they play,” said Payton. Golden State is one step away from the title.

Coach Udoka is right: the real problem in Boston is the attack. Despite Curry, the Celtics defense has always conceded to Golden State between 100 and 108 points in these Finals. It is in attack instead that Boston is too fluctuating: it has always scored less than 100 points in the three defeats, always touched at least 116 in the two victories. The addiction to the three-point shot doesn’t help, especially in fluctuating games like Game-5, where after having missed the first 12 attempts from the bow, the Celtics put in the next 8 before closing 11/32. On the brink of the abyss, Boston must find a way to be more continuous and balanced, to recover the contribution from the bench that was blatantly missed in Game-5. Otherwise the series is over.

Boston lost two games in a row for the first time in these playoffs. Udoka’s team appears to be on the ropes, unable to react to the changes Golden State has made. The Celtics would need a Wiggins, a player capable of leveling up as the Canadian is doing for Golden State. With Robert Williams III still limited by the problem in his left knee, the suspects remain Al Horford, who however has already caught the wildcard in race-1, and Marcus Smart, who puts his usual effort into it but fails to give that extra factor that would be needed. . Race-6 will be the last chance to do it.

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