Candidates in prison for cheating in the baccalaureate exam

The baccalaureate exam was recorded for the June 2022 session, after the third day, many attempts to cheat and leak questions were thwarted, which led to the imprisonment of candidates and university and secondary students. In this regard, the Public Prosecution of the Tlemcen Judicial Council announced the opening of a preliminary investigation with the knowledge of the state interest of the Judicial Police for the security of the state of Tlemcen and commissioned by the Tlemcen Court Prosecution in a case of cheating during the baccalaureate exams in the Arabic language. According to a statement by the Tlemcen Judicial Council today, Tuesday, the case refers to the use of an electronic means between a free candidate and a person outside the examination center who has a kinship relationship with her. Sentence of 18 months imprisonment and a fine of 200,000 DA, with an order to imprison her during the hearing. The National Gendarmerie services in Chlef state were also able to arrest 3 Young men for trying to leak baccalaureate questions and topics through social media. According to a statement by the same interests, in the context of securing the course of the baccalaureate exams, the June 2022 session, and suppressing various attempts to divert topics related to it, the research group of the National Gendarmerie in Chlef was able to arrest a 21-year-old university student who was walking for a group on social media. Telegram He published several issues and solutions to them through his account under a pseudonym, and through the in-depth investigation conducted by the same faction, it was found that the accused administers an account on a social network linked to a public group with a pseudonym “Baccalaureate, Department of Ethics and Philosophy,” where the latter published on the second day of the exams Through his group, the subject of the mathematics exam, the Arts and Philosophy Division, and some solutions related to it.Another 21-year-old man was arrested..a group facilitator on a social networking site Telegram It is registered under a pseudonym Nature and Life Sciences, Baccalaureate 2022.” It was also monitored for an 18-year-old pseudonym for a student in the final grade of secondary school, who was published through the pseudonym group. BAC 2022 Experimental science on the social networking site emo IMO As a member of it, the subject of the English language exam is an experimental sciences division, with a mobile phone card registered in the name of his mother. And at the time programmed to take the exam for the subject, taking advantage of his going to the toilet in order to publish the content, and after 15 minutes of delivering the exam papers to return to his department, they left his phone in the toilet.. The statement also indicated that the accused were presented before the competent judicial authorities, after completing all legal procedures in their regardYesterday, in Tissemsilt, 9 candidates for the baccalaureate degree, including a girl, were convicted of 18 months in prison and a fine of 10 million centimes. And the Those involved are involved in trying to leak exam questions.

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