Calling himself Bomber together with Wall Street Football: here is the new dating and gaming platform

The B2B company buys the majority of the historic Italian community of football fans. The agreement provides for the creation of a database of players’ performances and an infotainment service

Calling itself Bomber, it gets a makeover: it will now offer a database of player performances, infotainment and gaming services. A new beginning for the historic community of football fans and enthusiasts born in 2010 and grown on various social platforms. Today as a social media company it has decided to develop a partnership with Wall Street Football and together they have announced an agreement with the aim of providing play spaces linked to the performance of the individual player during the match or the entire season. The agreement also provides for the acquisition by Wall Street Football of the majority of the share capital of Chiamarsi Bomber

The B2B project

Wall Street Football is a B2B provider, the first in a platform where you can play, bet and trade (pre-match and live) on the real performances of individual players. Giovanni Bertoli, CEO and co-founder of Wall Street Football said “I have been a fan of Calling myself Bomber since 2010: at the time I would not have thought I would be acquiring a part of the company and I am honored! In an era in which fashions last very little, after twelve years Calling oneself Bomber is still one of the largest sports communities in Italy: this demonstrates the talent of the founders and of the CB Digital team who have managed to keep for so long market leadership time. At the heart of their success is a genuine willingness to put their community first. It is in this spirit that we at Wall Street Football want to support this project: we want to give the community data and games to have fun and challenge each other on the knowledge of the players. “

The new company

Thanks to the technologies and marketing skills made available by both companies, the “Wall Street Bomber” project will be born, which will have the task of merging the best of the two companies into a single solution, creating synergies between their main assets and thus establishing new ways of being involved in the football ecosystem. Giammarco Brega, CFO and co-founder of Chiamarsi Bomber commented on the new partnership obtained: “When Riccardo Russo created the community, I would not have bet a euro on the fact that more than ten years later we would still be at the same table building a such a wide-ranging project. We were born as the first digital sports bar and are evolving into a new ecosystem never seen before. The passion with which we work is always the same and we want to repay the users who in recent years have shown us their attachment to the shirt. With the help of Giovanni and the WSF team we are sure we can create something unique for the whole community. The team grows, the family grows. We can not wait.”

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