Barcelona renews its agreement with Unhcr: "Unique in the world".  And on the Superlega ...

The Catalan club and the UN Refugee Agency celebrate a new four-year partnership. Meanwhile, the Blaugrana president Laporta relaunches the Superlega project: “Let’s go ahead, whoever promoted the initiative is still convinced”. And he invites UEFA to dialogue

On the day in which it reaffirms its commitment with the UN in defense of refugees, Barcelona confirms that it does not want to give in to the tug-of-war with UEFA: the Super League remains a “live” project, although still “not defined in the format and in the details “, underlined the president of Barça Joan Laporta. The clarification of the Blaugrana number one came after announcing a new four-year agreement with UNHCR, which provides for the concrete commitment of the Blaugrana foundation in educational and humanitarian projects in the four continents. “This partnership is the most concrete demonstration of the commitment that Barcelona wants to maintain to help refugee children all over the world. The purpose of our foundation – explained Laporta – is the same as UNHCR, namely to improve the conditions of life of less fortunate children and make them happy “.


“We thank Barcelona for the support and commitment they have put in place over the years by our side,” said Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. “Together with the Blaugrana foundation we have carried out projects in four continents and we are happy and proud to be able to continue to do so”, added Grandi celebrating an agreement that will guarantee UNHCR a donation of 400,000 euros per year plus another 100,000 euros in material. and sports equipment. The agreement, which follows the path traced by the partnership started in 2006 with Unicef, also provides for the insertion of the UNHCR logo on the shirts of the first men’s and women’s teams, in the back below the numbers. “The one with Barcelona and its Foundation – underlined Grandi – is a unique agreement on a global level. With no other club we have a collaboration of this proportions. In Italy we have carried out specific initiatives with some clubs, but nothing that is comparable to what is set up with the Barcellon “.


After the details relating to the renewal of the agreement with UNHCR, born in 2009, the Blaugrana president did not dodge the Superlega issue, which will experience a new, important chapter in mid-July with the examination of the European Court of Justice. “The Superlega project goes on, those who promoted the initiative are still convinced, the group is alive”, began Laporta. “The affair will follow its course calmly and according to the necessary times, but we remain convinced of our positions. We do not want to go against UEFA, if anything we seek dialogue. Ours is an open position and I want to clarify that it is absolutely not It is true that we want a closed League. On the contrary, we are aiming for open competition, which takes into account meritocracy. But it is necessary that we become aware of the fact that we can no longer go on like this “, reiterated Laporta. “The rules must be changed, harmonized. In Europe there is too great an imbalance, the system must be changed. We hope that UEFA will understand it too”.

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