A policeman involved in the theft of a large number of cars in Annaba

This morning, members of an evil gang whose members were accused of stealing vehicles in front of the Annaba Criminal Court of Appeal, after they carried out about 15 operations in different areas, killing many people. A year, he works as a policeman in the security of the state of Algiers, and he hails from the city of Annaba, and he was followed up in the case of the theft of a number of cars in the presence of night and multiple conditions, knowing that the latter made his statements to the Annaba Judicial Council and denied altogether and in detail his involvement in this case, not from near or far, despite confronting him. Some of the evidence received during the direct security investigations by the security forces of Annaba, where his name was previously mentioned in the incident file, and the security investigations proved that the accused policeman’s steps were monitored while he was in one of the crime scenes in the case of the case, in addition to the court’s earlier obtaining a CD It contains clips monitored by surveillance cameras that prove his movements in the place of one of the thefts, according to what was stated in his trial session by a court body The first instance felonies last March and the Criminal Court of Appeal yesterday morning, Tuesday. The main accused “A.W” and several other defendants denied knowing the accused policeman despite their name being mentioned by them during the preliminary investigations. It is worth noting that the car theft case came to light at the end of April of the year 2019, when the security services opened in-depth investigations following the arrival of A set of complaints by citizens who had their vehicles stolen, which prompted the competent authorities to take advantage of all available means to overthrow the perpetrators before they succeeded in revealing the identities of three people monitored by the surveillance cameras through a video recording while they were doing their thing in the center of Annaba, specifically in the “Congo” approach, where they were On board a white Volkswagen Polo, they stole a Chevrolet tourist vehicle before the security services could arrest one of the cars. Suspects in the “Menadia” neighborhood, and the matter concerns the name “A.O.”, who confessed, while listening to his statements, to carrying out several robberies with Rebekah, “BS”, “RZ”, “LF”, and the rest of his accomplices were identified and dumped. They were arrested, and they are “PA”, “B.H” and “H.A.” The name of the security agent “MA” was also mentioned during the security investigations, which made the concerned departments complete judicial files, as a result of which these defendants became famous. The last exercise was before the Criminal Court of First Instance, and the verdict was appealed against them before the judicial authorities reprogrammed their case again this morning, Tuesday, when they appeared before the Criminal Court of Appeal, and it is worth noting, on the other hand, that the defendants’ statements were somewhat contradictory compared to their statements During the investigations, yesterday’s court session witnessed the confession of the accused “A. W.” of carrying out a series of thefts, according to him, the number of which amounted to about 15 or more thefts that affected vehicles of various types and signs in several streets and areas in the municipalities of Annaba.

Walid Sebti

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