Zidane, his 5 declarations of love to OM

While his name comes back with insistence on the side of PSG, where he is desired to replace Mauricio Pochettino, Zinedine Zidane remains above all Marseilles and a supporter of OM.

The announcement had the effect of a bomb. Last Friday, several Spanish media, but also European 1 and RMC Sportsannounced that an agreement has been reached between the Paris Saint Germain and Zinedine Zidane, adding that only a few details still need to be settled to see the tricolor legend finally replace Mauricio Pochettino at the helm of the capital club. Although the information was denied almost immediately by the historic agent of the 49-year-old technician, Alain Migliaccio, the rumor continues to circulate in the press.

One thing is certain, the possible arrival of Zidane on the PSG bench next season would be experienced as a real betrayal in Marseille, birthplace of the former number 10 of the Blues. Even if “Zizou” has never worn the sky and white colors in his career, he remains very attached to the Marseille city and theOlympic Marseillethe club he supported as a youngster and continues to support today. Here are 5 unequivocal statements:

“When you are an OM supporter, you always are”

The last time Zidane showed his love for OM dates back to May 22, at the microphone of Provenceand the 98 world champion was visibly delighted with the qualification of the Marseille club for the next C1 campaign:

” Delighted. No I was not in front of the match but I am delighted. When you are an OM supporter, you always are anyway. I am delighted with their direct qualification for the Champions League because it was done in the last minutes. It could have been Monaco. I’m happy for Marseille that it’s them because we know that it solves a lot of things when we qualify directly for the C1. »

Jsupported this Marseille team like crazy”

In an interview given to Phocean on November 1, 2021, he regretted not having worn the Marseille tunic during his career:

During my career, I had no regrets. Because I was busy and I played in clubs where I was good. But with hindsight, it’s true that as a Marseillais I was in the stands very young. For a long time, I said my dream was to be there. Jsupported this Marseille team like crazy (…) And today, I want to see Marseille win! (…) Somewhere, there will always be this little regret, but that’s how it is. Even if I didn’t play for OM, no one is going to take away the fact that I’m from Marseille. »

“I will watch the final as a supporter”

On May 13, 2018, before OM’s final in the Europa League against Atlético Madrid at Groupama Stadium in Lyon, Real’s former number 5 had clearly shown his preference:

“I will watch the final as a fan. There’s everything I went through when I was young. I was in these stands, I lived it with great intensity, it was my first moments of football. So yes, I will watch (the final) carefully. I would of course be happy if something good happens to them. »

“Marseille is Marseille, it’s my city”

On April 2, 2017, during an interview with bein SportsZinedine Zidane was asked about the new project of Olympique de Marseille after the acquisition of Frank McCourt:

“It’s my heart club so I watch Marseille. It’s good to see Marseille come back little by little and prepare something because it’s a long-term job. I was in the stands when I was little. Marseille is Marseille, it’s my city. When there is change (the arrival of Frank McCourt, editor’s note) it is always to have something positive and that is what is happening so it will take a little time. We must see Marseille play an important role. »

“We are in Paris here and I am from Marseilles…”

On March 5, 2018, on the sidelines of facing PSG in the knockout stages of the Champions League, “Zizou” declared at a press conference:

“A necessarily special match? We’re in Paris here and I’m from Marseille (laughs)… It’s always a pleasure to come back to France, because I don’t come often. This is special, I come with Real Madrid. But the most important thing is what we’re going to do tomorrow, not my interest. We will play against a great team from Paris who will do everything possible to make it difficult for us. I hope to see a great game. »

This list of Zidane’s glowing media outings for OM is non-exhaustive:

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