Youth World Cup, the Italians' internship at the Federal Center in Rome

The countdown has begun in view of the event scheduled in Rome from 19 to 25 September 2022.The goal is to build a team that can give emotions and medals

The countdown has begun in view of the Raffa Youth World Cup, scheduled at the Federal Technical Center in Rome from 19 to 25 September 2022. If on the one hand, the Italian Bocce Federation is organizing the event from a sporting, ceremonial and logistic point of view, on the other hand, the blue technical staff is working to build a team that can give emotions and medals to sports and soccer fans.

The stage

At the Federal Technical Center of Torrino, location of the world championships in September, a world preparation stage was staged with the young Italian athletes on the field under the orders of coach Rodolfo Rosi, deputy Elisa Luccarini and Alfonso Cusano. To have been called up: Luca Sciamanna, Federico Alimenti, Tommaso Martini, Kevin Della Schiava, Aabid Anoir Malizia, Simone Greco, Francesca Cannella, Martina Zurich, Giorgia Trudu, Rachele Vivenzi, Giorgia Calcabrini and Ginevra Cannuli. The internship began with the greetings of the federal president Marco Giunio De Sanctis and the vicar vice-president Moreno Rosati, who also carefully observed the azzurrini, around whom there is great expectation in view of the world championship event. Federal President De Sanctis transmitted to the young blues the concept of the absolute value of wearing the national team jersey, placing their attention on ethical and correct behavior on the pitch, underlining how the latter is the peculiarity that distinguishes the true athlete from the simple player. . Seven world championships will be held at the World Championships: men’s individual, men’s couple, women’s individual, women’s couple, mixed pair, men’s precision shooting and women’s precision shooting. National selections can be made up of a minimum of four athletes (two boys and as many girls) to a maximum of six, equally divided.


During the internship also a moment of training with the report of the mental coach Manuela Chiodetti, the psychologist of Federbocce, who illustrated the techniques of mental training, and the intervention of the nutritionist biologist Erminia Ebner on nutrition and hydration for the bowling sport discipline. “The World Youth Championships of Raffa are a particularly awaited appointment by the entire soccer movement – affirmed the federal president Marco Giunio De Sanctis on the sidelines of the stage – The world championship event will turn the spotlight of Italian sport and the media on the bowling sport discipline and on the Center Federale del Torrino technician, who will be redeveloped thanks to funds from the PNRR with the project with which the FIB responded to the announcement of the Department for Sport that aroused the interest of Roma Capitale. On the occasion of the World Cup, as well as for the international Boccia event, which will precede the youth Raffa, we will be at the Campidoglio for an impactful image return for Federbocce ”. “I saw a particularly motivated group of young people – commented the president De Sanctis – I found an atmosphere of enthusiasm and healthy competition. Every young athlete wants to stand out in the eyes of the coach and his collaborators, because everyone’s dream is to participate and win a world medal. There are three months to go before the expected event and we can only wish everyone’s maximum commitment, in order to be ready for a month of September of fire ”.

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