Young men stalk a merchant and rob him of more than one billion and 200 million centimes in Annaba

A group of young men seized a considerable sum of money, estimated at more than 1 billion and 100 million centimes, after they tracked the steps of their victim, who parked his vehicle in the “Plas Darm” neighborhood and kidnapped him and turned him to an abandoned place and tortured him. The victim named “Q.F.I” was revealed during His appearance today, Monday, before the Criminal Court of Appeal, said that he works as a merchant in the city center of Annaba, and on the day of the incident he went to the old city, where he parked his Range Rover tourist car at about ten o’clock at night and entered one of the kiosks for the purpose of buying a pack of cigarettes before he was surprised that two people approached him. They had prohibited white weapons, as they threatened him and did not allow him to escape, while they threatened to kill him if he called for help, which made the victim submit to their orders where they asked him to act in a normal way and open the doors of his vehicle in order to get on board, as one of them rode next to him in the front seat and put a knife A large size on his neck, while the second one was in the back seats and put his dagger at the level of the victim’s back and ordered him to go towards one of the abandoned houses in the “Pallas Darem” neighborhood without arousing attention, and the victim continued recounting the facts of the incident not They see that he went to the aforementioned house, where the two perpetrators forcibly removed him from the car and entered him into the house, while they took a significant amount of money from him that he had inside a plastic bag, estimated at one billion and one hundred and fifty-eight million centimes, while they tied him from his hands and feet, and one of them attacked him with an electric taser, while The other hit him with a baseball stick while stripping him of his clothes and taking pictures of him, threatening him to publish them on social media if he filed a complaint against them before the security services, while forcing him to call his family in order to ask for more money in exchange for his release, which is what actually happened when he called The latter claimed his mother and did not tell her what happened to him and explained to her that he had moved to the state of Algiers and that he was in urgent need of money, where he informed her to give 50 million centimes to one of the perpetrators on the basis that he was a close friend of him and he would send it to him through his bank account, which is what actually happened as the criminals agreed with a person and go to the victim’s residence, which gave them his exact address, and that person obtains the agreed-upon amount of money and brings it to the kidnappers, who continued to threaten the victim and did not The F.F. was subjected to various types of violence to the point where he lost consciousness and fainted until he found himself lying near the Yasmine clinic in Oued El-Kobba. It is worth noting that the security forces succeeded in revealing the identities of those involved in the case, who numbered four, and the matter concerns everything. Among the main perpetrators are “KH” and “BM”, aged 25 and 27 years, in addition to “B.R” and “Z.M”, aged 21 and 33 years, where the security authorities completed judicial files against him. The defendants, who all appeared before the Criminal Court of First Instance at the Annaba Judicial Council, which opened the file of the case, whose merits date back to August 24, 2020, by listening to the statements of all the accused while listening to the statements of the victim before the court decided to acquit the defendants “B.R” and “” ZM” with the conviction of the two main defendants “KHA” and “BMF” with a sentence of 12 years in prison, after being followed up on various charges, including committing a felony of detention and imprisonment of a person without an order from the competent authorities with physical torture on him in addition to a felony Theft by plurality, violence, and the felony of kidnapping a person by violence and threat for the purpose of paying a ransom. It should be noted that the judicial authorities previously And that the two main defendants were convicted of a sentence of 20 years in prison in force last March during their appearance before the Criminal Court of First Instance before the verdict was appealed and the case was reprogrammed yesterday, Monday, during the criminal appeal session.

Walid Sebti

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