World Championship, Carambula-Rossi and Lupo-Ranghieri surprise first

The former reached the top of the group despite Carambula’s muscle problems, the latter beat the Poles Bryl-Losiak and took advantage of the favorable results. Outside Windisch-Dal Corso

Carambula-Rossi and Lupo-Ranghieri take the first position in their respective groups of the Roman beach volleyball World Cup and make an appointment on Wednesday for the round of 32. Waiting for Nicolai-Cottafava who will take the field tonight at 22 against the Americans Bourne-Crabb for the same goal. But it is the day of qualification for the knockout round also for Benzi-Bonifazi and Scampoli-Bianchin who reach Menegatti-Gottardi. Eliminated, however, Windisch-Dal Corso (condemned by the points quotient and by just 6 points) and the Orsi Toth sisters who had to forfeit after the bad knee injury of Viktoria during yesterday’s match against the German Muller-Tillman.

Lupo-Ranghieri feat

Before taking the field, Daniele Lupo and Alex Ranghieri knew that only victory would give them the mathematical certainty of qualifying for the round of 32. They have won, but not only that. They played a game of heart and substance and beat the Poles Bryl-Losiak 2-0 (28-26, 21-18) and, thanks to the simultaneous defeat of the Dutch Varenhorst-Van de Velde, they also took home first place in the group that is worth a draw on the most favorable card. Their joy after the match was overwhelming: “We played very well, with our hearts – explains Ranghieri – I asked Lupino to help me and always shake me when I have a few moments of decline and he, even today, did it. We are a team and we are proud of this first place ”.

Carambula-Rossi beyond the problems

A first place also reached by Adrian Carambula and Enrico Rossi who, at the end of a marathon under the heat of the central, beat the Brazilians Saymon-Bruno (this one) 2-1 (18-21, 21-19, 18-16). last Olympic champion in Rio 2016 with Alison). A game of tactics, given the muscular problems of the Italian-Uruguayan who strongly affect his mobility. “We even thought of giving up before the match – says Carambula – to take advantage of an extra day’s break, given that we were already mathematically qualified for at least seconds. Enrico and I, however, wanted to play at all costs and I have to congratulate Enrico, the captain of this team, because he made another great performance “. And the result rewarded them. “With Ricardo as coach – continues Rossi – I am improving a lot on the block, a fundamental which in situations of physical difficulty like this becomes even more precious”.


In the morning, a not too painful defeat for Davide Benzi and Carlo Bonifazi against the Dutch Ruben Penninga and Leon Luini, Italian by origin and Dutch by adoption. “I was born in Pietra Ligure and raised in Ostia and I played on the beach with Bonifazi – he says while embracing the blue just beaten – but my mother is Dutch and, at the age of 13, I moved to the Netherlands to study . It was there that I discovered beach volleyball and fell in love with it. And since last year I have begun to discover the international level and I want to continue my growth path in this way “. On his path, Luini will certainly meet Jakob Windisch and Gianluca Dal Corso, beaten 2-1 (22-24, 21-13, 15-9) by the Poles Kantor-Rudol and sentenced to elimination from the tournament for just 6 points (it would have been enough lose the second set 21-19 to move forward in the tournament).

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