The Greens players unanimously agree on the importance of a morally right victory over Iran

The Algerian national team achieved an important moral victory over Iran with a score (2-1), in the preparatory friendly match that brought them together yesterday evening, at the “Suhaim Bin Hamad” stadium in Qatar, the double of the Algerian national team was signed by Riad Bin Ayyad in the 43rd minute. And Muhammad Al-Amin Amora in the 82nd minute, while Ali Raza Jahanbekhsh scored Iran’s only goal in the 64th minute, and the players of the Algerian national team made a wonderful humanitarian gesture in honor of the late Bilal bin Hamouda, the star of the local team and Union Capital Club, who died a few days ago at the age of 24 In a tragic traffic accident in the Fouka area in the state of Tipasa, the players of the national team, before the start of the friendly match against Iran in the Qatari capital, Doha, wore T-shirts bearing the phrase “Farewell, Bilal, we will not forget you.” The player, and it is reported that Bin Hamouda died with his friend, after a traffic accident as a result of their car colliding with a pole before it caught fire. The Algerian international star, Ismail Bennacer, gave the victory in a friendly match against Iran to the deceased Algerian footballer, Bilal Benhamouda.In the meeting with Iran, the leader of the Greens published three pictures of the friendly confrontation on his official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, and attached the names of the pictures with the phrase: “To Bilal .. may God have mercy on him and enter him into his vast gardens.”And the Algerian national team striker, Riad Ben Ayyad, stressed that the victory achieved against Iran in a friendly match will delight the Algerian people. He said, Ben Ayyad, to the Qatari Al-Kass channels, after the confrontation: “This victory will make the Algerian people happy, especially after the victory against Uganda and Tanzania.” And he added, “We will continue to work to achieve more in the future, especially after today’s match against a big team and the World Cup,” before the scorer of the first goal, which he gifted to Rouh Bin Hamouda, concluded: “The match was not easy and winning is the most important.”
Blaili: We dedicate the victory to the Bin Hamouda family, and we have confirmed that we have regained our health

Youssef Belaili commented on the success of the Algerian national team in winning the third match in a row, at the expense of the Iranian team. Blaili told the Qatari “Al-Kass” channel, saying: “The victory for us is moral, in front of a very strong competitor, qualified for the World Cup finals, and this is more than positive.” He added: “The elements that entered today showed that the Algerian national team has good players, and I thank them for the performance.” Which they presented against Iran, which allowed us to get the third win in a row.” And he added: “Now we are required to continue working hard, in order to achieve new positive results in the near future.” And the French Brest player concluded: “We have to continue our upward trend in order to go To the fullest extent possible in all the competitions that we will enter.” And he continued: “We dedicate this victory to the family of our brother Bilal bin Hamouda, and I ask God Almighty to make him one of the people of Paradise, and grant his family patience and solace,” and added: “We have achieved a deserved victory against the Iranian team, We confirmed that we recovered, after the free period that we passed It was played in the past, especially after we failed to reach the World Cup, and he concluded: “We faced a strong and stubborn opponent, who had good players and qualified to play the World Cup, but despite that, we were the best party, and we controlled the rhythm, and we caused him many problems, and we concluded the meeting with power.”

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