Spanish and Procida, the NBA dream continues: target the Draft in 10 days

The two Italian talents have both decided to remain among the candidates for a call: at 11 pm the limit to retire expired

The Nba dream of Matteo Spagnolo and Gabriele Procida continues. The two young Italian talents have both decided to remain among the candidates for a call in the Draft scheduled in 10 days in Brooklyn. The outlook for both is of a call on the second round.

the choice

Spanish, 19, is a play under contract with Real Madrid who played last season in Cremona. Procida, 20, is a guard who played 2021-22 with Fortitudo Bologna. Both are in the US to feed their American dream, under the responsible leadership of Sigma Sports, the agency that represents both of them: invited to the Combine, the event that in mid-May in Chicago brought together the best talents in the smell of Draft, they are both faced the workouts, the auditions with which the teams who have choices to spend evaluate the prospects. Spanish has supported several teams, including Atlanta and New Orleans: he has impressed with his potential, which is one of the best characteristics for a prospect who is evaluated in the Draft. Especially for someone like him, born in 2003 and therefore still with a lot of room for growth. Procida also made the rounds of interesting teams, working among others for Pelicans and Cavs.


Both Spanish and Procida are chasing a call on the second round of a selection that this year will involve 58 players and not the usual 60 (Milwaukee and Miami were punished for irregularities in the last free agency and must therefore give up their choice in the second round) . A call at this point in the draft means an unsecured NBA contract, as opposed to what happens for those chosen on the first round. For Spaniard this is not necessarily a bad thing: his idea at the moment remains to stay at least one more season in Europe, if not two, to continue growing in physique and experience. The NBA team that chooses him will still retain the rights. Different speech for Procida, however determined to live his NBA dream to the fullest: the auditions are helping him to show his value and his potential. When he met the Spurs, for example, he found himself in front of Manu Ginobili, with whom he chatted in Italian. He impressed not only with his shooting ability, but also with his growth potential. The NBA will have to earn it, but he has everything it takes to succeed.

the draft

Scheduled for June 23 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the 2022 Draft is likely to be the bluest ever. To Spanish and Procida is obviously added Paolo Banchero, an Italian by passport and still in the running for the first call, which Orlando has. According to the bookmakers, the Seattle-born big man who played Duke in college is expected to finish in Houston with number 3. His contenders for number 1 are Jabari Smith and Chet Holmegren. Spanish and Procida will wait for the second round, but they plan to hear their name, get on stage and shake hands with Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum, the one who calls players from 30 onwards: it will be then that the NBA dream of both will officially begin. .

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