Rome, the takeover bid has started.  From the pass for Trigoria to dinner with Friedkin: incentives for those who sell

Historic day for the Giallorossi club: the Friedkin are looking for 5% of floating shares in order to then exit the stock market. There are many initiatives for those who will sell their share

It could have been a purely financial operation from the start, but the company has also chosen to speak to the hearts of the fans-shareholders. The takeover bid for the roundup of the floating shares of As Roma started today and it is a historic day for the Giallorossi club, which has decided to become the spokesperson for an innovative operation for the Italian market, trying to combine finance and love. Difficult, certainly not impossible in the intentions of the majority shareholder of Rome. With the shares already purchased up to now, the Friedkin Group holds almost 90% of the club’s package, the goal is to reach 95% in order to exit the stock market.


If this happens by July 8, Rome will be a private company within the following month, otherwise the goal is to delist by the end of 2022. At that point, however, the so-called plan B (already approved by Consob) would be yes only a financial operation, which would have nothing to do with passion and love. But there is optimism, in Italy as well as in the Group’s headquarters in Houston. Because the Friedkins and the executives are convinced that they have set up an operation that will reward the shareholder not only as a shareholder, but also as a lover of the club.


Meanwhile, in less than a month, since the market transaction was announced, the owners have had the opportunity to rake in almost 3% of shares (generally, on the stock market, the one that precedes the takeover is an inactive phase. and it is no coincidence that of the last 40 on the Italian market only in 2 cases the same numbers as the Friedkin have been reached) and now they are confidently awaiting the next moves. Shareholders who sell their shares will be entitled to benefits on three levels: in the meantime, everyone will be guaranteed the opportunity to meet the top management of the club, which in summary was what happened before to the shareholder who attended the meeting. Live until 2020, remotely in the Covid era (and it is not certain that we will go back to the past even now that the emergency is over). Not only that, though. Roma also offers much more, starting with the economic premium, which consists of 0.43 euros per share (at the time of the announcement of the offer the value was 0.36). This is a higher premium than the average monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly value. Then it goes on three levels: everyone will be guaranteed entry to Trigoria to follow a training session, a limited edition pennant with the signatures of the players, a shirt, 10% discounts from the Roma stores and a priority window for purchasing tickets for the derby. Those who sell from 25 thousand to 180 thousand shares will then be able to meet the coach and see their name on a special jersey that the team will wear in a match and will also be able to participate in the Christmas party. Finally, those who sell over 180,000 shares will be able to add a dinner with the Friedkins in an exclusive location to all the advantages already listed. Not a little, considering the confidentiality of the owners.


The duration of these initiatives will be five years, but the club does not rule out creating a membership project that becomes permanent. The opportunity is greedy, there is optimism because in the phase of stakebuilding – the collection of available actions – (terminated ten days earlier than expected) the Friedkins went from 86.8% of shares to 89.99% and above all a sign of great confidence arrived in the whole operation. Now the last, important, piece is missing, through which the property wants to definitively exit the stock exchange, but by making an assist (the project is called exactly that) to the fans – shareholders. With the hope that, beyond the purely financial aspect, they can understand that the future, in the short and long term of Rome, passes from the necessity, and the will, according to the Friedkins to say goodbye to Piazza Affari.

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