Rolls Royce and Maybach: the luxury garage of North Korean leader Kim-Jong-Un

Kim-Jong-Un has a large fleet of cars, which includes a 500,000 Rolls Royce Phantom and two Mercedes Maybach models, the S62 ($ 500,000) and the armored S600 Pullman Guard with an approximate value of 1.4 million. dollars

Kim-Jong-Un, leader of North Korea, for public outings and institutional meetings can choose from his garage between a Rolls-Royce Phantom and two models of Mercedes Maybach, the S62 and the more luxurious S600 Pullman Guard equipped with a anti-body armor. The two ultra-luxury models of the Stuttgart house joined Kim’s garage in 2019, through a long journey and in violation of the embargo imposed by the United Nations.

kim’s penalties and cars

With the establishment of Kim-Jong-Un in 2011, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea promoted a nuclear program sanctioned in 2016 by the United Nations Security Council to enact a package of economic sanctions, including a ban on car trading. with Pyongyang. A 2019 investigation from New York Times revealed how, despite the embargo, two Mercedes-Benz Maybach models arrived in North Korea: the S62 and the S600 Pullman Guard. The Stuttgart leaders pointed out: “Our company has not had commercial relations with North Korea for over 15 years and strictly respects the embargoes of the EU and the United States. To prevent deliveries to North Korea and its embassies in around the world, Daimler has implemented a comprehensive export control process, which we believe is appropriate and effective, and which meets all requirements of export control authorities. “

a secret journey

According to New York Times the two Mercedes-Benz Maybach models, the S62 and S600 Pullman Guard, arrived in North Korea in January 2019 after a long journey. The two cars left on 20 June 2018 from the port of Rotterdam, reaching the Chinese port city of Dalian after 41 days of navigation. From there the two Maybachs sailed to the port of Osaka (Japan) and then to the South Korean port of Busan, where they were embarked on a cargo ship of the shipping company Do Young Shipping for the Russian city of Nakhodka, near Vladivostok. On reaching Russian territory, the two Maybachs were loaded onto a North Korean military cargo plane bound for Pyongyang. In January 2019, one of the two Mercedes models was filmed on North Korean state television in front of the entrance to the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party.

the mercedes

There are no official documents with the details of Kim-Jong-Un’s two luxurious German cars, but we can mention the production ones. There Maybach S62 it is 617 cm long and has a 383 cm wheelbase, with a weight of 2855 kg. The car is equipped with a 612 hp 5980 cc V12 biturbo petrol engine with a torque of 1000 Nm. The wheels are 20 inches and the suspension is active. Maybach S62 is approved to carry four people (including the driver), the interiors are built with the highest quality materials, alternating leathers with wood, carbon fiber and black lacquer finishes. The approximate cost of the car is 500 thousand dollars. The size of Maybach S600 Coach Guard they are 649 cm in length and a wheelbase of 441 cm, while the weight stands at 5.6 tons. The engine is a V12 twin-turbo 5980 cc diesel with 530 Hp with a torque of 830 Nm. The car can be equipped with options designed for institutional representative uses such as sirens, flashing lights, two-way radios and an enhanced starter battery. The Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is equipped with armor plating suitable to stop 7.62 caliber bullets (Ak 47 and Nato), and protect the occupants from explosions up to 15 kg of TNT at a distance of 4 m from the vehicle itself. The list price of the Pullman Guard is around 1.4 million euros.

the Rolls Royce

Kim-Jong-Un also has a luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom, also in this case the details of the car are not known, but we can refer to the series technical data. The Phantom has a length of 583 cm and a wheelbase of 357 cm, the body is made of aluminum, the engine is a 6,749 cc V12 petrol engine with 460 HP and the weight stands at 2,730 kg. The interiors alternate quality leather materials with wood finishes. The indicative cost is 500 thousand euros.

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