Palermo between City Group and Pallotta, but Baldini with certainty.  And Mirri: "In 4 years in A"

Mansour’s group is ahead in the acquisition of the club. The president: “The promotion to Serie B is thanks to the coach, it starts with him”

Serie B is the prerequisite, the certain data from which to restart for the relaunch, then there is the future to be defined at the corporate level with the City Group always on the horizon and the group of James Pallotta (congratulations to the rosanero in the night) which has entered with a maneuver that could create some disturbance. Two different scenarios that also open up different paths on the managerial staff who should settle in the company. Should Palermo end up in the hands of Sheikh Mansour’s holding it is almost certain that the new management will be chosen directly in Manchester and the name of Giovanni Gardini as the new general manager is the most accredited. Pallotta, on the other hand, does not mean that he cannot continue with the current set-up and therefore still with Rinaldo Sagramola and Renzo Castagnini, in the roles of managing director and sporting director.

The situation

The most initiated operation, unless there are sensational changes in the running, is the one with the City with which a letter of intent already exists. President Mirri who should continue to have a role in the new company, probably as honorary president. To talk about closing, however, we will have to wait a little longer. So it cannot be ruled out that the planning for the next championship will restart, in the meantime, from the current management. Because the patron rosanero, in the meantime, has already set a fixed point, represented by the confirmation of Baldini. “For next season the only sure thing is that he will start again from the coach Baldini – Mirri told Sky -. I hope he will stay here for a long time, he is an extraordinary person, as well as a great coach. The promotion is thanks to him. Sale. “If anyone wants to buy the club, they will certainly do an extraordinary deal. This team will be able to return to Serie A in two, three or four years.”


The coach, for his part, expressed his desire to continue with the ds that brought him to Palermo. “My problem is not having the contract or not having it – explained the technician -. I traveled with a group of extraordinary people. In Palermo I found top level managers and staff, these people gave so much. I can’t lose none of these people. With Castagnini we lived from 8 to 10 hours together, he was not my sporting director but a friend of my heart, he did an extraordinary job “.

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