Napoli, hard punch with Ruiz: he does not want to renew and risks exclusion

The Spaniard’s contract expires in a year, but there is no agreement: a new Milik case is expected

We are facing a long summer, indeed a very long market. A period that will seriously jeopardize the patience of the fans who would like to quickly understand the future of their team, of their favorites. But not even those directly involved really know how it will end. So much so that in recent days, before going on vacation, Kalidou Koulibaly also said: “I too hope to know my future as soon as possible”. Which is not to be taken for granted both at Napoli, but which in the meantime will see the Senegalese defender appear regularly in Dimaro Folgarida’s retreat, in Trentino, from 14 July. In reality, the blue team will be in Val di Sole already on the evening of 8 July, but given the recent commitments in the national team, Kalidou will be able to take advantage of a few more days of vacation.


Although the expected meeting between agent Ramadani and president Aurelio De Laurentiis did not take place, Kalidou imposed his own line to avoid any possible friction with Napoli and Napoli. But there is no doubt that if Ramadani, after announcing it, did not meet the president of the Azzurri, it means that at the moment there is no room for negotiations on the renewal. Precisely because the player does not want to “pull” on the salary but to understand if the pressing that Barcelona has been exercising for four months will really lead to something. Or if Chelsea or PSG actually want to pursue a negotiation. At stake there is not only money, but the possibility of going to the most ambitious clubs to win a championship, the one that Kalidou in Naples has only touched upon. We are in an absolute stalemate in the market. And if the British aren’t the first to move – the only ones capable of putting in money with the turnover they have – it will be hard for most clubs to move something important. So here is that Koulibaly, as has happened in recent summers, will find itself suspended for the entire phase of the retreat which will then continue from 23 July to 6 August in Abruzzo in Castel di Sangro. With the certainty that if he remains, even if the contract expires, the Senegalese will be the captain of the team.


Completely different is the one concerning Fabian Ruiz. Also in this case, the Spanish midfielder is about to expire his contract in a year. And yet in this situation between the agents and the company there is a stalemate, without the sketchy negotiation for the renewal having reached an outlet or found a way on which to find an agreement between the parties. But in this case the intentions of De Laurentiis could have a sensational development, as already happened in the summer of two years ago with Arek Milik. In fact, the Polish center forward did not accept the contract renewal proposal at the time and the president imposed a hard punch: the attacker trained separately, no longer with the first team. And after almost six months away from the fields in January he decided to accept the Marseille offer. Why with Koulibaly no and instead with Fabian maybe yes? Because the defender has already renewed his contracts with Napoli twice, while the Spaniard has closed so far. We will see how this situation develops, even if the Spanish agents complain that in the entire last season the blue club never wanted to discuss a renewal. And here in fact lies one of the problems that De Laurentiis’ club is encountering. By choice he wanted to postpone the whole renewal issue at the end of the season. Strategies. In fact, from Koulibaly to Fabian Ruiz, passing through David Ospina and Dries Mertens, no renewal negotiations have reached the goal so far. But who knows that some surprises may not arrive in the next few days. The fans especially hope for “Ciro” Mertens, the team’s most loved player. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any sign of an opening, but you’ve never seen.

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