Mancini: "Good personalities from young people, but there is a lot to do. Tomorrow fresh forces"

Tomorrow the Azzurri against Germany. The coach is satisfied with the new course: “I thought the lads could have had a harder time”

Tomorrow evening, in Moenchengladbach, Italy puts the fifth and then goes on vacation. A mini-cycle of five matches, following the Macedonian trauma, which started badly with the sharp defeat against Argentina in the Wembley Final, and went well, beyond expectations, with three good performances in the Nations League against Germany, Hungary and England . We are leading the group, as few would have imagined, thanks above all to the courageous bet of the Italian coach on the younger players. Against Germany, Mancini wants to finish this mini-cycle with another good performance, making those who have been watching so far and looking for another positive result play.

Mancini, where are we?

“At a good point. I said it: even beyond expectations. In these 25 days the boys have worked in an extraordinary way. But there is still a lot to do. For example, return to being dominant as we have been for four years and become more fluid in the goal area “.

By the way, compared to what he saw at Wolverhampton, what should the median do that he didn’t and what does Scamacca?

“The median must attack more en masse. The boys know it: as long as he stops one behind, the others must attack. We did well against Hungary, against England a little less. Scamacca must play more with the team, help it to climb and above all move in the area and make the right decision by scenting the goal: either go to the near post or move back or go towards the ball … If you stay still, the goal hardly comes. But Gianluca has everything to become a great , power and technique. He is young, he can learn a lot. It is not as easy as it seems for a young man. I remember when Radice made me debut in the first team of Bologna at the New Year’s Tournament against Inter. I got the ball and I I asked: “What do I do now?” I lifted my foot and let the ball pass under because I didn’t know how to play it… “.

The young people were the nice surprise of these five games.

“The youngsters have improved in personality, playing alongside more experienced teammates. They already had the technique. There are good young people, it has already happened in the past that they arrived in the national team from the Primavera or after playing little in the league. “It is important to be able to follow them continuously. When I was playing, almost every month the stages of the various Under teams were organized to monitor the boys. I do not know when it was interrupted. It would be important to be able to do more periodic stages, I don’t mean every month, to follow the growth of young people. I know that there is an agreement in principle between the League and the Federation on this point. Let’s hope “.

Do we expect other rookies against Germany? Is it time for Scalvini?

“Yes, I will change again, on the other hand it is necessary after 25 days of intense work. Scalvini is very strong: he has a body, he knows how to play, he is a very good guy, like all those who have done an extraordinary job in recent weeks. I would like to to let everyone play. Caprari has so far been held back by injuries. Luiz Felipe can become an important player for this national team. ”

“A strong Germany. They not only have good players, they also have a good game. Germany plays well, stands tall, presses, attacks with many men, knows how to hold the ball because they have a lot of talent. I repeat: they are one of the strongest national teams. “.

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