Lazio, rebus Milinkovic.  No offer, we work on plan B

It was supposed to be the summer of goodbyes, but if he stays, the Serbian will have to be locked up for another couple of seasons. A rather problematic negotiation

At 27, with the contract expiring in two years, the upcoming summer was envisaged as that of the greetings between the Serbian midfielder and Lazio. Between needs and reasons ready to reflect. On the one hand, the Sergeant’s ambition to compete continuously on the Champions League stage, with the leap to a top European club. From the Lazio front, the awareness of being at the right time to realize an economic deal capable of strengthening the corporate coffers and providing new resources for the market.


Under the guidance of Maurizio Sarri, Milinkovic completed himself on a tactical level. All-round man-team. The 11 goals with 10 assists in the league are the most striking aspect of a performance enhanced by class plays as well as by a more continuous commitment in the coverage phase. At the end of the season, he is asserting himself with Serbia in the Nations League: a goal to Slovenia. In the summer of 2019, Lazio had labeled him as a 100 million euro man-market. The Covid emergency then dismantled certain parameters. Now Lotito’s club, however, starts from an evaluation of 80 million for Milinkovic. In a negotiation that does not provide for technical counterparts. Three years ago, Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain made contacts without actually negotiating. Polls that have been repeated indirectly in recent times. Milinkovic was expecting signals from Juventus but they did not arrive. Hurts from the Premier through Arsenal and Newcastle who, however, cannot offer the showcase of the Champions League. The Serbian agent, Kezman, is working to unblock the situation. But if an offer of at least 65 million plus bonuses does not arrive, a negotiation is unlikely.

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In the market agreement that led to his renewal until 2025, Sarri gave the ok to Milinkovic’s departure to have the reinforcements that balanced the growth of the team. The Commander did not hide, however, that he would be happy to still have the Sergeant available. Especially in his evolution as a leader. If the sale is not reached, the issue of renewing the contract expiring in two years will have to be addressed. Lazio will try to lock the Serbian for another couple of seasons, until 2026, but the negotiation promises to be rather problematic. With the risk of seeing Milinkovic getting closer and closer to the deadline of June 2024, to go away at zero euros.

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