Hindley, the king of the Giro: “I wanted to be McEwen.  I love Italy, I stop the Vuelta "

The pink jersey in Milan, hosted by Specialized, spent an afternoon testing to improve his position on the saddle. He had annoying abrasions on the saddle after a week of Giro. “I have not seen the passion and love for cycling in Italy anywhere else”

Claudio Ghisalberti


Jai Hindley is in Milan. Despite the great love for the pink jersey, it is not a tourist trip, but a business trip. The Australian spent the afternoon at the Specialized for a series of position tests. The problem, which had already emerged at the Tirreno-Adriatico, manifested itself in a sensational way at the Giro d’Italia where, after a week, the Australian from Bora-Hansgrohe began to suffer from support problems on the saddle. In short, he had quite important and very annoying abrasions. To trigger the problem would have been a poor elasticity of the left band of the lumbosacral muscles which would cause a rotation of the pelvis and excessive movement on the saddle. Consequently, friction and friction would increase. Thus, also making use of the Retul system, the technicians of the American company worked both on the saddle and on the positioning. But the occasion was also propitious to chat with the champion from Perth who, not trivial, never loses his smile.

Hindley, what is your earliest memory of Italy?

“The first time I came here was 2014, when I was under 19, for a training camp. We stopped near Lake Como, not far from Bellagio, and took part in three races. The place, even if it was nothing special, I liked it right away “.

Is it true that after the triumph in Verona he rented a car and went for a walk with his girlfriend?

“Of course. First we went to the Cinque Terre, then I wanted to visit the Ghisallo Museum and from there I took Abby (my lifelong companion, ed) to see that place where I had been “.

What do you like most about our country?

“I have a one hundred percent passion for Italy. I like everything: the culture, the food, the way of life, the places. Then cycling is something special with you. The people who come to see the races are impressive, I think something you can’t find anywhere else. True, I’ve never been to the Tour but I think more passion than on your roads is almost impossible ”.

Did you get a gift to win the pink jersey?

“I’m organizing something to thank comrades and staff. My gift is the conquest of the pink jersey itself. I’m not very interested in material things, I prefer to keep the experiences “.

You, either for racing, or for the pandemic, have been almost two and a half years without seeing your parents. For an Italian, who is usually mammone, it is quite a strange thing.

“It was for me too. When I entered the Arena and saw them I was in a trance. It was the most amazing day of my life. I missed my parents the most last year. I was in trouble, sporting it was a season to forget. I would need their comfort but it was not possible. We used to talk on the phone or on video, but in person it’s another matter entirely. Then, I could have seen them even before the end of the Giro, but I wanted to wait for everything to end. Before I had to run the time trial which is always a critical moment (against time he lost the 2020 Giro at the last stage beaten by Tao Geoghegan, ed). It would have been too exciting to see them first. Even with my girlfriend in recent times we have seen little: before she had returned for a period in Australia, when she returned to Europe I was away for the camp on the high ground “.

He weighs 60 kilos and has the characteristics of a pure climber: who was his idol as a kid?

“Robbie Mc Ewen. I was hoping and dreaming of being a sprinter like him. I still remember his sprints, alone and full throttle, in the 2003 and 2004 Tour against the speed giants. What a great runner McEwen! A real fighter “.

Who is now the strongest runner in the group?

“Question to which it is difficult to give an univocal answer. However, it is difficult not to say that it is Pogacar who is strong on all courses and always runs to win ”.

His next big goal is the Vuelta: we can bet he will be fighting for the win.

Her eyes widen. “You say? I don’t know, there will be many strong riders who will want to make the shot. But I know that there are many stages with climbs in the finals and I like it ”.

His experience in one-day racing is limited, but did he think about the World Championship in Wollongong?

“I have to do it. It’s not often that there is a World Cup in Australia, so I’ll be happy to be there. The route is tough: 266 km and over four thousand meters in altitude. The final circuit is very technical, it looks like a Belgian classic. On paper, perfect for Alaphilippe ”.

Hindley, what do you do when you want to breathe?

“To rest, to do simple things, to listen to music: of all kinds, as long as it’s not country”.

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