Ghost car: in Milan the first conviction for the name of a figurehead

Whoever drives in a car with a fictitious name risks the crime of receiving stolen goods. A person caught driving a car disbarred from the Pra is sentenced to two years

Crackdown on ghost cars by the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court of Milan. To counter the phenomenon of the vast circulation in Italy of vehicles with fictitious instation, estimated in about 100,000 cases, in 2010 art. 94 bis of the Highway Code. The law provides for the prohibition to register the vehicle with a person other than the real owner, heavy penalties for transgressors and the cancellation from the Pra of vehicles circulating with dummy header. Now the first convictions are coming for this type of crime. A 63-year-old man of Albanian origin was in fact sentenced by the Judge of the second section of the Court of Milan to a two-year sentence for receiving stolen goods. As reported by Corriere della Sera, it was in fact ascertained that in 2019 the man obtained a Volkswagen Golf disbarred from the Pra and fictitiously registered to himself. The purpose of this conduct was the “impossibility of tracing the use of the vehicle to the actual user both in relation to administrative sanctions, road accidents, and the commission of crimes with the use of the vehicle”.

the phenomenon

Since the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office began to monitor the phenomenon carefully in 2018, over 20,000 vehicles have been taken out of circulation. Most of which are registered to serial figureheads of hundreds of cars. In Italy, in fact, it is estimated that at least 96,887 cars are circulating in the name of about 430 people. They are charged with the crime of forgery in public deed with misleading by the public official, while the drivers are instead challenged with “receiving stolen goods” if they are unable to explain why they are driving a banned vehicle. As in the case of the man arrested in Milan in 2019. In our country the phenomenon of ghost cars is a very widespread malpractice, as well as being a real plague. Because those who drive these cars at best do not pay fines, tax bills and motorway tolls, causing economic damage of about 120 million a year. In addition to committing an impressive amount of infringements without paying road tax and insurance. In the worst case, however, they are untraceable after committing a more serious crime such as theft, robbery, etc.

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