Fuel prices: the crash of the euro pushes up petrol and diesel.  Gpl and methane stable

The depreciation of the European currency against the greenback nullifies the drop in oil prices, causing a new surge in the cost of refueling

The price of fuel is affected by many factors, from the cost of raw materials to that of transport, from geopolitical tensions to currency markets. Precisely this last element is at the basis of yet another surge in the price of gasoline, which now travels over 2 euros per liter both in served mode – exceeded at the beginning of June as Official Motors had highlighted – how much in self mode. According to the findings of Daily Relayin fact, the national average for self-service petrol has stood at 2.04 euros / liter in recent days, while diesel fuel stops a little lower at 1.97 euros / liter. On the other hand, LPG and methane prices remained stable due to the different functioning of international markets and supply routes.


Paradoxically, they are increases that come at a time when oil prices are in a decline, but the declines of the international oil markets have been completely absorbed by the crash of the euro against the dollar following the announcement of the stop by the bank. Central European Central Bank (ECB) program that supported the recovery during the pandemic period. The end of the Quantitive easing next July 1 will coincide with the first hike in interest rates that the ECB will implement since 2011, a combination that depresses the European currency against the American one. And since crude oil is traded in dollars, the depreciation of the euro generates increases in fuel prices.


Daily Relay elaborated the averages of the prices communicated by the operators to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development on Sunday 12 June on about 15 thousand plants. In self-service mode, petrol averages 2.039 euros per liter (2.046 companies, 2.022 white pumps), diesel 1.969 euros / liter (1.975 companies, 1.956 white pumps). Higher prices for the served mode: petrol at 2,160 euros / liter (companies 2,202, white pumps 2,076), diesel to 2,096 euros / liter (companies 2,140, ​​white pumps 2,010), LPG to 0,829 euros / liter (companies 0,838, white pumps 0,818), methane at 1,815 euros / kg (1,865 companies, white pumps 1,776), LNG 1,960 euros / kg (1,981 euros / kg companies, white pumps 1,945 euros / kg). These are the prices on motorways: self-service petrol 2.108 euros / liter (2.338 served), self-service diesel 2.049 euros / liter (2.284 served), LPG 0.922 euros / liter, natural gas 2.164 euros / kg, LNG 1.969 euros / kg

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