From Bona to BN: 'I would have kept Pirlo again this year.  Koulibaly?  If I were Juve I would not take him and on Donnarumma ... '

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In recent weeks the attention of the Juventus managers has been exclusively aimed at the market which, at the moment, does not seem to take off as expected at the end of May. In fact, the names of Pogba and Di Maria have occupied the front pages and the minds of Juventus fans for some time, who dream of being able to win again as early as next season. The former Napoli and Chelsea defender also analyzed the strategies and goals targeted by Madama Samuel Dalla Bonawho has made exclusive declarations to

Would you go on with Allegri or would you focus on a new manager?

I would have kept Pirlo. Allegri is a lot of stuff but in my opinion Allegri disavowed himself by choosing Sarri first, then Pirlo, then he took on Allegri again. I would have kept Andrea, he still won two cups and got the qualification for the Champions’

Would you have kept Dybala or do you think Juve were right not to confirm it?

I’ve always liked Dybala and I honestly can’t understand what are the reasons that pushed Juve to make this decision. He is 28 years old and would have been able to continue the cycle in black and white ‘.

If he were to go to Inter could we talk about betrayal?

‘I don’t know if we can talk about betrayal in today’s football. It also happened in the 80s, the example of Leonardo who was at both Inter and Milan comes to mind. I can’t tell you if it’s a betrayal, for sure if Dybala is well, Inter would acquire a phenomenon. ‘

Should Juve take advantage of the tug-of-war between Napoli and Koulibaly? ‘I don’t know what the problems are between Koulibaly and De Laurentiis, but he is a great player. If I were Juve, however, I would not take him and I would focus on other profiles’.

With the renewal of Navas, if you were Juve would you try to take Donnarumma?

‘I like Donnarumma but in my opinion has a little warm head. I would have played Buffon until he died, he has a charisma and leadership that still make the difference.

Can you aim for the Champions League with Pogba and Di Maria?

‘They are definitely two top players. To aim for the Champions League, in addition to having a bit of ass, you must also have a lot of quality. If you don’t have quality and strong players then you happen to go out with teams like Villarreal. Juve need at least 4 strong players to be really strong again. ‘

Who was the strongest player you ever faced?

‘I could say a thousand. I played with Lampard, I challenged Gerrard, but the strongest I’ve seen is definitely Paolo Maldini‘.

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