Fabio Ridolfi died.  Pellegrini's greeting for his last wish

The family said: “He left without suffering, after hours of sedation and not immediately as he would have liked”. Shortly before, the Giallorossi player had wanted to respond to the fan’s request with a video message

The news came a few hours after deep sedation began. Fabio Ridolfi died: his family communicated it through the Coscioni Association. “Fabio Ridolfi died without suffering, after hours of sedation and not immediately as he would have liked” declared Filomena Gallo and Marco Cappato of the Luca Coscioni Association.

Pellegrini’s message

In the past few hours, Lorenzo Pellegrini had moved to make his wish come true. The infinite love that even a simple video message can give in a dramatic moment. It’s not just football, it’s life. And it is for the love of this life that the captain of Roma, and current number 10 of the national team, sent a hug and a greeting to Fabio who had been trying for some time, with the assistance of the Luca Coscioni association, access to suicide. assisted, legal in Italy for people in his health condition, as indicated by the Constitutional Court with the Dj Fabo / Cappato ruling. And after a very long wait he got the green light from the Ethics Committee. In a document, however, other problems had arisen, so in recent days Fabio communicated the choice to resort to the fastest solution, deep and continuous sedation, the technique that brings the end of life from the withdrawal of artificial nutrition and hydration. But first he had a desire, communicated through the eye pointer and speech synthesizer. Meet Lorenzo Pellegrini and Nicolò Zaniolo.


Pellegrini, who was unable to physically go to Fabio because in the national team, sent him a video message in which he says: “I can’t be there, but I really wanted to send you a big hello, a hug and a kiss”. He was excited, Pellegrini, like anyone who has had the opportunity to see Fabio’s image while he receives the video of the Roma captain. For this his brother Andrea Ridolfi thanks “Lorenzo on behalf of the whole family and in particular of Fabio for the thought he had. You have fulfilled – he says to Pellegrini – one of his wishes and it was a huge gift for him. I said recently: ‘You are leaving as a European Champion’ and this cup makes him even more proud to support Roma. Thank you very much “.

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