Do as Diletta Leotta: rebalance your body with the Ashwa Sanchalanasana equestrian position

It is one of the most beautiful postures of yoga: it relaxes, relaxes, reduces anxiety, promotes the well-being of the spine. Diletta does it perfectly: let’s imitate her with the help of the expert

It is the Equestrian position (Ashwa Sanchalanasana). The full name of the asana is made up of several Sanskrit words: Ashwa (horse), Sanchalana (motorcycle), Asana (position). It is also called position of the low lunge and is ideal for significantly lengthening legs and back, widening the chest, reduce anxiety. What does it need for perfect execution? “We need a good balance which is achieved only with practice – he explains Elena Buscone, yoga teacher -. It is usually achieved during the moon salutation or during dynamic flow yoga sequences. “

How to do the equestrian yoga position

You can arrive at this asana from two different positions: from Uttanasana, moving your right foot back as you bend the left foot that stays in place, or from Adho Mukha Svanasanawhere the left foot passes forward and the right one remains in place. The result is that of a lunge. Once in position, try to stabilize yourself and bring your right knee to the ground. Move later hands up and join the palms bringing it look up. Stay in this position for 5 deep breathsthen perform it on the other side.

The Benefits of the Equestrian Position (Ashwa Sanchalanasana)

Let’s see what are the main benefits of this position:

  • stretch legs, groin, hips;
  • opens chest and shoulders by acting on the fourth chakra;
  • strengthens thighs, hips, buttocks;
  • increases stability;
  • increases body energy and reduces fatigue.

In addition, the slight bending towards the back, it relaxes the spine and acts positively on back discomfort. Ashwa Sanchalanasana will initially appear challengingbut with a little practice you can get great results and turn it into a means to increase strength, balance, concentration.

The variations

There are simple variations to simplify or intensify this position.

Legs: more or less wide depending on the flexibility. If you are a beginner keep them closer. If you want to increase the difficulty you can raise the knee of the back leg and execute Anjaneyasana, the position of the high lunge. Hands. For the simplest version keep them on the ground or rest above the knee in front; to help you in positional balance wide on the sides; for more intensity you can combine or hold them shoulder-width apart above your head

Head: Neutral and watch a point fixed in front or you can look up doing this variant try to be very stable with your legs so as not to lose your balance. To perform the position in the best way, do not rush, check the alignment of knees and ankles, stretches the coccyx down by activating the Mula Band.

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