Diaz, now that you have the Triple Crown you must really become king (of the trocar)

The 10 of Milan was awarded as the first U23 to have won the English, Spanish and Italian championships, but the future is uncertain: in this second year of loan a change of gear is needed. And if De Ketelaere arrives …

Ibra will also be the undisputed king, but in his career he has never received a “Triple Crown”. A requirement that Brahim Diaz can proudly show off. For the Rossoneri 10, the weekend just ended was a personal celebration: the editorial staff of Brand, the Spanish sports newspaper, in fact awarded him in Malaga as the first under 23 in history to have won the English, Spanish and Italian championships. Premier League, Liga and Serie A with City, Real and Milan. There are worse resumes. The Triple Crown, in fact, a juice of footballing nobility.


The paradox is that Brahim, 23 years old in less than two months, is still a character in search of an author. Paradoxical considering the palmarès, but the last season, which should have been that of the consecration, turned out to be a path of increasingly higher obstacles. “Drugged” by an illusory start that had made everyone’s eyes wrinkle: until October Brahim had been the offensive engine of the Devil, an impregnable and indecipherable attacking midfielder. A player capable of shifting the balance of the whole team by himself. Which had reassured the orphans – not many, actually – of Calhanoglu. We finally found a number 10 at the height, it was the chorus that echoed among the Rossoneri fans. A state of grace so embarrassing as to generate reflections on an early redemption from Real in the middle of the ford. That is already this summer, with one year in advance of the expiry of the two-year loan.


The ball, however, can be generous but also treacherous. And in the case of Brahim there were no half measures. In the spring the situation was exactly reversed and there was even talk of a return of the player twelve months in advance. The matter is actually ending in the most normal way. Without jolts: the Spaniard will remain at Milanello also next season exactly as foreseen by the agreement with Casa Blanca. Also because, speaking clearly, Milan right now would not pay the 22 million needed to redeem him and Madrid would do the same with the 27 foreseen for the counter-redemption. This means that Brahim will have another year to grow and direct his destiny. At the age of 23, his age is the right one. That is: the “parachute” offered by those who associate discontinuity with youth is ending. At 23 in football it is time to start getting serious and therefore, in other words, the year to come for him will be fundamental.


Brahim found himself well in the Rossoneri and, basically, would like to be redeemed and continue. At the same time, however, after the end of the championship some perplexities – let’s call it that – also emerged about the use of her in the last part of the season. A use that did not correspond to his expectations of her: 380 minutes in the last eleven games, where three times he did not even get off the bench. Witnessing almost emergency solutions – Kessie, Krunic -, despite his presence among the squads. Pioli won the championship and therefore he was right, but in the meantime he did not want to lose the boy on the street: “I would like him to stay, he has enormous qualities and is very useful for our way of playing”. In the meantime, however, the club is working hard – a lot to do – to flesh out the box in the center of the trocar. Where the hot name is that of De Ketelaere, a 21-year-old with very polite feet who, if he really arrives, will cost RedBird around forty million. In other words: he would leave as the holder of the chair and Brahim would be called to run. Then, of course, we are talking about a super-compressed first part of the season, with the championship and the Champions League group, which would obviously give space to everyone. Basically, the key concept remains: this will be a crucial year for Diaz.

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