Circuit races: how to train to face them physically and mentally

Have you ever heard of circuit racing? They are endurance racing races that last up to 48 hours and are run on a circuit usually of around 1.5-2 kilometers. Folly? No, but they sure require a lot of preparation. Let’s see how to deal with them

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The road endurance races they are divided into kilometer races such as the 100 km and timed races, such as the 6 hours, 12, 24, 48 hours or even the 6 days of racing. The latter provide that the athlete who runs the most kilometers in a predetermined period of time wins. Apart from the difficulty linked to endurance, the mental fatigue to run for many hours on the same stretch of road. So let’s see how to train endurance and how to train the mind.

go from marathon to ultra

Anyone who thinks that 100 km is just over double that of a marathon has never run 100 km. Even more so on the circuit. Running for 6, 8, 12 consecutive hours is a very different effort than running a marathon and should be taken differently right away. First of all training must be gradual. Running ultra very often are marathoners looking for something more. The first mistake you make starts right from the marathon. To get to run 60, 70 or 100 km you have to start thinking about the effort in a temporal rather than a kilometric way. And consequently gradually increase the resistance to the time we spend on the legs. The fundamental thing is to get the body used to not stopping, to continue running even when it is tired. You can think of taking 5 or 6 months to probably go from 42 to 100 km, increasing the distance of the long distance by 10% every two weeks.

train your mind

Racing on a circuit that is always the same for many hours can be a horrible or magical experience. Much depends on the habit we have of going beyond the external panorama. In fact, the fundamental capacity is that of to shut out all that is disturbing and to look within. This is why it is said that the endurance race is one form of meditation. It can be helpful to get used to running even the long ones on a circuit of a few kilometers, perhaps with the help of some friends. Another great hand is provided by meditative and introspective disciplines such as yogawhich in addition to helping us in concentration gives us a valid hand in controlling breathing.

the management of the tender

The typical mistake of the marathon runner in a circuit ultra is to obsessively monitor the time. In a marathon, constant pace is essential, while in an ultra circuit the goal is to run as many kilometers as possible, leaving simple time aside for a moment. Better therefore to stay relaxed and listen to each other in order to find the perfect rhythm that allows us to advance without too much effort. The “wall” of the marathon in comparison to the wall of the ultra is of little consequence. Starting with a too tight time trial would uselessly expose us to an inevitable and very hard wall. Staying relaxed, listening to the sensations and running without wasting effort are the keys to success.

The power supply

Another fundamental point concerns nutrition. If you can wait to eat in the marathon, here you have to force yourself to keep the tank full. Something must be taken every hour, whether they are gels or simple carbohydrates or runner-friendly cocktails. Imperative: never wait for an energy drop to feed.

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