At least four gains made by the Algerian national team in the friendly victory over Iran

Yesterday evening, the Algerian national team defeated Iran 2-1 in a friendly match that took place at the “Suhaim Bin Hamad” stadium in the Qatari capital, Doha. Algerian, in the 44th and 82nd minutes of the match, and the Algerian team concluded the June camp in a very ideal way by scoring a victory over a team qualified for the 2022 World Cup, and amid widespread praise from the fans and analysts for the return of the greens and the new blood, where there are many gains that came out The national team is part of the Iran national team’s friendly match, the first of which is:
The third match without losing after the disappointment of the World Cup

Where the Algerian national team managed to avoid defeat against Iran despite the major changes that affected the starting lineup, and the participation of many young and promising names, which is the third match in a row for the Desert Warriors team without defeat within a week, and specifically since the loss against Cameroon in the second leg. The qualifying interval for the World Cup at the end of last March (1-2), and Ismail bin Nasser’s colleagues beat Uganda and Tanzania in the first two rounds of the 2023 African Cup qualifiers with the same result (2-0), the first in Algeria and the second in Tanzania, before he scored His third consecutive victory against Iran, in a series of matches without a new defeat for the Algerian team after the first record, which stopped at 35 matches without losing.
Ignite the competition in the Algerian national team
The national coach, Jamal Belmadi, included many new names in the Iran friendly match, in the form of goalkeeper Ontoni Mandria, Hakim Zadaka, Muhammad Amin Togay, Yanis Hammach, Abdul Qahar Qadri, Bilal Omrani, Riad Ben Ayyad and Muhammad Al-Amin Amora, which prompted many analysts to stress that the new options for Belmadi The competition will be resurrected in the ranks of the Greens, and Belmadi, in the past four years, had relied on the same names for a very long time, which did not allow him to create ready-made solutions when needed, according to the followers, but the disappointment of not qualifying for the 2022 World Cup prompted him to make the necessary changes, Many observers believe that the current new names are able to threaten the presence of some old names in Belmadi’s starting lineup.
Onthony Mandrea on his way to succeed M’Bolhi
Goalkeeper Onthony Mandria (25 years old) was one of the most prominent discoveries of the friendly match between Algeria and Iran, according to analysts and the Algerian fans, and he left the impression that he was able to succeed the historic goalkeeper of the Greens, and wished Rais Mbolhi, as many observers expected him when he was invited for the first time to participate with the Algerian national team. And although Mandria was not tested much in the match, according to analysts, he was present during the last moments and seemed very calm, which made the Algerian fans like him to goalkeeper Mbolhi, waiting for confirmation during the upcoming dates.
Gomorrah, Tawba and Brahimi Asma will form immediate solutions to my past
Many observers unanimously agreed that three players had emerged remarkably with the Algerian national team during the June camp, and the matches of Uganda, Tanzania and Iran. It is related to defender Ahmed Touba and strikers Bilal Brahimi and Mohamed El-Amin Amora. Analysts believe that these players are ready solutions to play regularly with The Algerian team, and Amora scored two goals in a few minutes, in which he participated during the matches of Tanzania and Iran, any goal in each match, while Ahmed Touba was wonderful, according to followers, whether as a left-back or as a defensive heart, and was described as the golden leaf in the hand of Belmadi, given the multiplicity of his positions In the stadium, Bilal Brahimi, 22, also stole the spotlight and was nominated by analysts to ignite the competition in the two wings position in the near future.

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